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2016/12/17 18:10 UTC

Winner Cloud9

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Cloud9 vs. Renegades CS:GO

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Feeling a Renegades here honestly. Renegades have shown more than C9 to me in recent times and I think they have enough to see off C9 here. Then again, Cloud9 likes to pull magic out of nowhere when they are in tricky situations so you do have to be wary here for sure. This could really go either way and doesn’t really have much value in betting, at least ML but it is what it is. Renegades have been pretty unlucky I think, they played good versus NiP, however, Pyth and F0rest, and F0est, in particular, were just on steroids, single-handedly stopping everything and making every single clutch in the books, tough for Renegades to win something like that. They were up 15:5 versus CLG before somehow choking it lol, that should not happen normally and hopefully they aren’t tilted from it since it should’ve been a definite win. Nobody from Cloud9 have been stepping up as of recent, which is strange since a few months ago, in EPL more precisely we saw Stewie going off, N0thing going off, Autimatic in particular going off and overall everyone in C9 was firing in all cylinders, yesterday it was an Autimatic 1v5 and here that simply will not work. At these current odds, for ML I’d go with Renegades but I do think that C9 are the favorite here, 55-45 C9


3% C9 under 62% otherwise 3% RNG. Also a Over 26.5 rounds works here since I see it being close.

My odds = 55-45 C9

My risk = High

My advice = Above

My odds for this match: Cloud9 55:45 Renegades

One of the harder games to call today to be honest. RNG got cocky against CLG and then tilted and the pressure got to them and they lost. C9 just looked…well bad to be honest. I do feel like C9 will wake up today and manage to take this game though but I can imagine it being a really nervy game and a really close one. How will stewie cope trying to call under this much pressure so early in this career, we will have to find out. Thinking about the veto, I could see a D2 coming out again, perhaps a Train, or a Cobble something like that. Hard to call game, but I will go LOW on C9, and wait for the veto before making a final decision.

Edit : Mirage again, total toss up in my opinion, still favour c9 a bit but will go LOW on RNG.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 55:45 Renegades

Interesting matchup, pretty close at the same time, the odds may suggest like it should be an easy match for Cloud9, but in reality either side could take it. Renegades always had a decent matchup against Cloud9, they did lose most of the matches but they were always close to winning, this time Cloud9 are looking bad and this is the perfect opportunity for Renegades to finally beat them, especially because this match is really important for them, the loser is out of the qualifier and won’t have a chance to make it to the ELEAGUE Major anymore.

The interesting fact about this match is that both teams have similar map pools, both are really good on maps like dust2, train, cobblestone, mirage and cache, I guess it’s safe to say that we will see one of those maps as Renegades should remove overpass and Cloud9 will most likely get rid of nuke, hard to say what’s going to happen next, but those five maps are basically 50/50 and playing the odds with a bet on Renegades would make sense here.

Generally speaking Cloud9 is a team with better individual talent, players like autimatic and Stewie2k could destroy a team of Renegades’ caliber, but Stewie2k was very quiet so far, in fact autimatic was the only consistent player for Cloud9 during this qualifier. I’d suggest trying a small bet on Renegades here, the odds are very inaccurate and they are definitely capable of taking it, would be a very profitable bet if they won, so let’s try that.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 55:45 Renegades


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