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compLexity Gaming


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2016/09/13 01:30 UTC

Winner Immortals

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compLexity Gaming vs. Immortals

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Don’t really see a point betting here. The odds are currently at 88% in favor of Immortals, and while I do think that Immortals deserve to be healthy favorites and will probably take this as a 2-0 easily, the bet just isn’t worth here incase something does go wrong. CoL are terrible, they have shown improvement at the recent LAN they attended, however it wasn’t anything significant and I do not think they will keep up any good form or anything. CoL has added APE to their lineup who replaces Witmer and I mean, was Witmer doing bad? Yeah, will APE be MUCH of an improvement? No so that’s that. APE is not that kind of a player who will win you the series versus Immortals who are in very good form and are coming off the back of a LAN win, just isn’t going to happen most likely. Of course Immortals are hot off of winning Northern Arena so they might have taken a few days off and could potentially be rusty, however I still think they should win this. Immortals have a history of being a bit up and down, and they showed it with their recent Splyce matchup, however think seeing how this is important and it is a BO3, they should be able to take it easily. Overall while I think this will be easy pickings for Immortals, a bet on them nor CoL is really justified here, therefor I’ll just recommend a skip. If you can snatch really low odds on CoL or good odds on Immortals, act upon it however doesn’t look like any bookie is giving good stuff here. 75-25 IMT


Skip this unless you can dig up good odds somewhere, which isn’t looking likely

My odds = 75-25 IMT

My risk = Med

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 25:75 Immortals

This one is definitely easier, Immortals managed to win Northern Arena around a week ago, and not qualifying for ESL One New York would be a shame and a massive upset, especially if they would lose to compLexity in the first round, I mean compLexity did way better with APE on Northern Arena, but I’m not sure if they are ready to beat Immortals in such an important best of three, especially with their players being on 20 hours~ each in the last two weeks, while Immortals are on 60-80, pretty sure compLexity had a short break after that event.

Now, the tricky part is that Immortals always have those super close maps against weaker teams, they barely beat Splyce 16-14, Selfless 16-13 & 16-11, lost a map against eUnited and all that stuff, I could see them losing to compLexity, not necessarily in this match today, but it’s definitely possible, I’d still go with a medium bet on Immortals and that’s my bet for today, they are just much better and looked godlike on Northern Arena.

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 30:70 Immortals

Immortals should really be taking this game and honestly my only real hope right now, is they leave a good map in for coL like cache, where coL can sneak 1 map, and we can all go to sleep happy. The coL roster recently changed of course, with APE coming in for witmer, and they surprised a lot of people with their performance at the recent event. I do still think they are a long way off from being at the IMT level and their chances of taking this game are pretty slim. If cache comes up, or perhaps d2, I will go REALLY LOW on coL to take a map, otherwise I will most likely SKIP. LOW/MED on IMT here.

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 30:70 Immortals


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