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2016/07/07 11:04 UTC

Winner Astralis

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Astralis vs. Dignitas at ESL One

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So dupreeh is unable to play due to appendix infection and Astralis will continue playing with zonic instead, now people may think this is not that big of a deal because that’s only one player, but dupreeh is an entry fragger, in fact one of the best entry fraggers in the world and he’s a players that Astralis need if they want to open bombsites and stuff, zonic is nowhere near as good as entry fragging and it’s quite scary.

dignitas already played an extremely close match against Astralis in the group stage, I believe it was a 12-16 loss on overpass and they should have won that match but too many mistakes were made and they just kept losing players to random tec9 buys and stuff, the second match went way better as dignitas beat CLG 16-1 on cobblestone which is quite surprising as cobble is one of CLG’s best maps too.

Either way, I wanted to go with dignitas even before I knew about dupreeh’s “injury”, mostly because of how bad Astralis played against Gambit, and now I’m even more confident with my bet on dignitas, I’m pretty sure they will take it and therefore I’d suggest placing a small bet on them instead, but still don’t forget that Astralis are still capable of beating dignitas even without dupreeh.

My odds for this match: Astralis 40:60 Dignitas

Astralis looked really bad today. The worrying part was, it was not their stand-in looking poor, it was 3 of their main stream players. Device was decent, gla1ve was really good, but Xyp, Duprehh and Karrigan were just off their game completely. Now, the news is Duprehhh won’t be playing here, and zonic will be. This obviously makes the game swing heavily towards Dig. I don’t think this is an easy win for Dig by any means though, and if Xyp and Karrigan can meet the other 2 and play well, then I actually can see astralis taking this. The only thing is, you cannot really bet on a side with a stand-in and a manager playing. Dignitas are a side that I always expect to fail when it really matters, and they will never have a better chance of making the top 8 at a major than right now, and if they fail to take it then jeez, they should just pack their stuff up and go home. If Rubino can play like he did today, this one should be a cracker. LOW on Dig here for me because I don’t know how you can argue for anything else.

My odds for this match: Astralis 45:55 Dignitas


This is a very tricky one here. Of course we have just gathered info that Dupreeh will not be playing for Astralis unfortunately, he all of a sudden has encountered an appendix problem, and seeing as I am somebody who has had a problem with it before, not cool at all and I feel for him, hope he gets better. Really bad timing too, not to be a medical doctor here, but from what they told me, an appendix is basically a useless part of your body which some say filters bad food and what not, others say just useless, but it being infected/bursting etc is completely random, so the timing here really does suck for Dupreeh. Easy to remove, really painful to deal with. That said, Zonic will standin and now we have two standins for Astralis, they originally added Kjaerbye to the lineup for more fire power since the team was getting stale, well now they do not have Kjaerbye, not Dupreeh lol. You can not down talk Glaive though, of course he is not a Dupreeh or a Kjaerbye but he did topfrag vs Gambit where Astralis got rekt yesterday even with Dupreeh, and versus Dignitas he was 2nd in frags, carrying with Device. Zonic was a standin for Karrigan in E-League and he was not terrible actually, sure he is only a coach right now, however he was a legend in the game before so that’s that, obviously I am not saying he will do well replacing Dupreeh, not at all however he isn’t a bot either. This is tricky since Dignitas really did crush CLG yesterday, however Rubinho went really off which you will not see that often, and CLG is just so broken atm I think,. Call me crazy, but I still think Astralis will take this by a very slight margin given that this is a BO2, 60-40 Astralis


Skip this. Not a great match to bet on unless heavy underdog either team

My odds – 60-40 Ast

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Astralis 60:40 Dignitas


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