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2016/05/07 23:30 UTC

Winner Cloud9

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Cloud9 vs. CLG at Dreamhack

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People definitely underestimate CLG in this matchup, most likely because of that 16-1 loss against Cloud9 from yesterday, that was just a single best of one and suddenly people think this is going to be a one sided match… CLG are more than capable of beating Cloud9, I could even favor them if that 16-1 didn’t happen, they are by far one of the most consistent lan teams in North America and definitely one of the best NA teams at the moment, they have been doing well before this tournament and beat few stronger opponents.

Cloud9 however, got wrecked by Luminosity twice, dropped a map against NRG and barely beat Optic and Echo Fox, some of these matches were played with Irukandji instead of Slemmy, but it doesn’t really matter since he’s even better than Slemmy and knows C9 very well (he’s their coach).

This will definitely come down to which team makes more mistakes, I feel like CLG is a momentum based team and they play better in the later stages so that’s a plus, the map pool is also their advantage, Cloud9 have few terrible maps while CLG are “okay” on basically any map. I’d go with a small bet on CLG, their odds are ridiculously low and they can easily take this one.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 60:40 CLG

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

Token Bet

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So right off the bat, this is a tricky one. Of course looking at yesterday’s performances between these two, ez pz C9 right? Ahm unfortunately it is not that straight forward, if it was, I’d be competing with Bill Gates right now. CLG are not looking good, not at all. Going into this event they were looking really shaky online and I mean, 16:1’d by C9 and just now they played Splyce and performed quite poorly, well on the first map that was and should have lost the ffirst map but damn Summit messed up, big time, lots a 1v0 at match point for Splyce. Then 2nd map JDM had like a insane game, dropping like 33-11 at one point and just carrying hardcore, so the struggles of CLG were kinda masked there I feel. I feel if CLG want to upset C9, they will need JDM and Tarik going insane once again, and while they can do it, ehh I feel like it is playing your odds really tight. C9 also got quite demolished by LG yesterday ,and while a 15:0 half was not expected, you were kinda expecting LG to go away with it since they are the best team in the world after all. I do feel that this should be closer than yesterday’s game, and I would not be surprised if CLG upset, however apparently CLG has never beaten C9 on LAN and just in general, head to head’s favor C9 a whole bunch. 65-35 C9. CLG historically are a bit of a LAN team so this is definitely dangerous


5% C9 under 72%, otherwise 2% CLG

My odds = 65-35 C9

My risk = High

My bet = 5% C9 under 72%, otherwise 2% CLG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Cloud9 65:35 CLG

Option 2Bet CLG if odds 28% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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