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Echo Fox


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2016/07/17 20:40 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid
Team SoloMid

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EchoFox vs. TSM at iBUYPOWER Cup

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This match is extremely risky, both teams are basically on the same level at the moment and apparently have no reason to practice much because there won’t be any bigger events for a while now, but I know seangares and I know how much effort he always put into preparing and working on his team, while the rest, or at least the majority of North American scene are peanut brain puggers, seangares is that guy who will do his best to make it to the top with his team and that’s why I put my trust on him.

TSM may look like a better team with their recent results though, they beat Astralis and Team Kaliber, took a map off of fnatic and played a lot of close matches against FaZe, dignitas, fnatic and Luminosity, they have an insane fragging power with Twistzz, SicK and autimatic on their side, but Echo Fox are just as good when it comes to fragging and even better with their strats as well as the team play. Echo Fox’s results are basically just as good as TSM’s, they beat Na’Vi on dust2, FlipSid3 on nuke and played a very close series against mousesports.

So yea that’s pretty much it, both teams are very good and probably on the top of their region right now, I’m not too confident here but I believe in seangares and therefore I suggest a small bet on Echo Fox, I still think this match could go either way though.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 55:45 Team SoloMid

Is an incredibly hard game to predict that could really go either way. Looking at the maps to begin with, that is also quite hard. It will for sure not be Overpass, but out of the remaining maps, could well be Cobble, Train, Mirage, and I would expect to see perhaps two of these. It largely will come down to which star riflers make the bigger impact. SicK, Twistz against roca and ryx. Whoever can come out in this engagement, should take it. I do actually favour TSM slightly for this game, but really looking at both sides, it a real 50-50 game, should be seen as such. As always with close games like this, going LOW on the underdog seems to make the most sense, and I will do the same here. LOW on whoever is below 50.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 50:50 Team SoloMid

Option 2Bet Team SoloMid if odds 50% or less
Team SoloMid

Small (3%)

high risk


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