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2016/06/19 12:00 UTC

Winner Immortals

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Ence vs. Immortals at Dreamhack

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Honestly this will just be a straight skip advice. I’ve been skipping quite a few matches recently because well simply, I do not think that a lot of these matches recently are worth it. This is one that Immortals should win yes, however the way things have been looking recently, I am not feeling it. Immortals should have kept improving and improving, or at least stayed at the same level ,instead ever since Peacemaker left really it seems they are just getting worse lol, even losing to SK yesterday who 1. Generally suck on LAN and 2. had 2 standins, so that is a nono. Form wise Ence definitely are looking better here, however Ence as a team does not 1. Impress me and 2. Have shown before that they can be so awful at times and most of the time just rely on form of star players. I will not blabble and blabble here as this is a skip and there is better matches to get onto, however yes Immortals should win, especially since it is a BO3. I do not recommend betting here, odds are fair and just meh, skip this.  60-40 Immortals.


Skip this

My odds = 60-40 Immortals

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Ence 40:60 Immortals

Still not sure whether betting on Immortals is a good idea or not, they looked really bad in the recent time and lost many matches against European tier 2 teams, and they also lost to SK Gaming yesterday which is a big surprise to me, SK Gaming attended this event as a mix team with two stand ins and Immortals should have won that match. Immortals also failed to qualifiy for ESL One Cologne, they didn’t make it to major twice in a row, they are clearly not in the best shape right now and I already said it a couple of times that letting peacemaker go was the biggest mistake they could ever make, they’ve been playing bad ever since he was gone.

ENCE is not a very good team in general, so this is one good thing about this match, but they’ve been doing better lately, it’s good to see them beating teams like Kinguin, Space Soldiers and SK Gaming for example, they are playing way better than they did few weeks ago, not sure if that bootcamp in Olympic Training Centre helped them in any way, but they are clearly doing better. I actually though that ENCE could upset Astralis in ths first match for this event, but they played like complete crap and I’m really disappointed with their performance.

So coming into this match I still have high hopes in Immortals, they used to win events and now can’t even do well in the qualifiers or beat mediocre tier 2 teams, however I believe that ENCE is a team they should be able to beat and once again I will put my trust in the brazilians, I’ll give them the last chance here.

My odds for this match: Ence 40:60 Immortals

Immortals are not playing AS bad as some people think they are, they were just never amazing on D2 and I really don’t rate their Train AT ALL. I knew when I saw it yesterday it was most likely going to be a RIP and I was proven to be right. The veto here will be really important, but I just feel in a BO3 environment, Immortals should be the better side. The Ence guys are not bad, but if the Brazilian side are focused and hitting their shots, their map pool should be too strong here. I do worry if we see Train as a decider or something, but I still favour Immortals. LOW on them or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Ence 35:65 Immortals


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