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Best Of 3
2016/06/30 20:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs
compLexity Gaming

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EnVyUs vs. coL at ELeague

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Well this match should be very easy for ENVYUS, they’ve been playing very well lately which is really nice to see after that massive slump they were dealing with in the recent time, in fact they’ve been in that slump ever since they signed DEVIL but he’s been playing fine in the last few matches so maybe they just needed time to get along and get the chemistry with the new player, either way, ENVYUS 2-0’d compLexity yesterday, train was kinda close but it was expected since frenchies always struggled on that map, they also 2-0’d Gambit and went 1-1 against, the only map ENVYUS lost was mirage and it was in overtime so they were actually very close to going 6-0 in their group and that’s a pretty damn good result.

compLexity won only a single map and it was a 16-14 win against Gambit on cache, they were also close to beating both ENVYUS and Gambit on train, seems like train is also one of their best maps but their opponents were simply better, additionally compLexity had literally no time to prepare for this event due to the VISA issues of dephh and Surreal, I still think they went through the executes and stuff, but so far it looked like they were pugging in their matches and I don’t think they will even take one map off of ENVYUS today.

ENVYUS should be winning this pretty comfortably, this is a best of three and I don’t see compLexity upsetting them here, I’d go with a medium bet on ENVYUS.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 80:20 compLexity Gaming


Honestly I will just be skipping this. I do not have many doubts that Envyus will lose this, think they will take this in a quick and easy 2:0, however just not feeling the match at 92:8. CoL hasn’t been that bad lets be honest, sure they aren’t winning all of their matches and only have won 1 map, however they’ve had some pretty reputable results and I just can not push myself to justify a large bet on Envy here to get any sort of a return due to the odds. Envy are the better team in every way here yes and should destroy CoL, or ok lose a map max, but I have seen bigger upsets and this one just does not ring a bell as a match I want to bet on in my eyes. Overall won’t go on all day about this, Envy should and will probably win, but skip this. 85-15 Envy


Skip this

My odds = 85-15 Envy

My risk = Medium

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 85:15 compLexity Gaming


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