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2016/07/06 14:40 UTC

Winner FSid3
OpTic Gaming

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FSid3 vs. OG at ESL One

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Once again I’m not a big fan of this match, both teams were very shaky lately and normally FlipSid3 would be a better team but Optic not only performed better in the recent weeks, but also wrecked FLipSid3 in the qualifier for this event, so they definitely have an edge and know how to play against FlipSid3, however Optic’s match against NiP was really bad and they looked completely lost, I mean it was dust2 and they rarely practice that map so I can kinda understand that, but why didn’t they just remove it… Optic played so well against NiP on ELEAGUE and were one round away from beating them and now they suddenly leave dust2 which is probably their worst map.

FlipSid3 did fine on the major qualifiers, they beat Renegades, HellRaisers and Immortals so pretty decent results, they also played quite well on ELEAGUE as they went 3-1 against mousesports and 1-1 against EchoFox, however got wrecked by Na’Vi on all four maps, so these two events were the only decent ones for FlipSid3, they seem to have a lot of potential with the addition of wayLander, but so far they looked fine just on few maps and the rest went pretty bad for them, so I guess their map pool is not as wide as Optic’s.

So this match is extremely close and I’m not entirely sure if betting on it is a good idea, however I chose to bet on Optic because of their consistency and the fact that FlipSid3 lost to them on the major qualifier, so yea I’d go with a small bet on Optic.

My odds for this match: FSid3 45:55 OpTic Gaming


Bleh, yet another really tough match that can go either way. I will favor OpTic very slightly here. The thing is, Flipsid3 discipline wise, strat wise and just map wise and experience wise and what not are the better team here, however they just have no fragging power, which OpTic has a lot of. I keep crying that Flipsid3 needs to replace Shara 100%, and maybe Waylander but nope, to my anger not so far. I do think that depending on how this major will go for them that they will make changes in at least one of those two players I mentioned. Flipsid3 know how to play the game, they have the mental pieces in place and what not, however this is a FPS game and popping heads is a big part of it, and Flipsid3 just lacks so much in that department at times. We have seen what a deadly F3 can do in the past however, give Worldedit a very hot performance which he is capable of an he can single handedly win his team the game, if Markeloff perhaps wakes up too he can assist but it is likely that one or two of the OG star players show up and steal the spotlight. Yesterday both teams got de_rekt, however Flispid3 got rekt on a map they should have done better on, vs Na’Vi who they know very well, while OpTic got destroyed on Dust2 and like Yanko said, they’ve had it lost before it even started with the veto. Overall, tricky, but 55-45 OG


3% OG under 62%, otherwise 3% F3

My odds = 55-45 OG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% OG under 62%, otherwise 3% F3

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 45:55 OpTic Gaming

Option 2Bet FSid3 if odds 38% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Really hard to call game as OpTic are a side that are incredibly inconsistent, and Fside are a team that although are organised, are lacking fire power. The last time these two met, OpTic came out the heavy winners, but going into this game, I do feel like Fside will be more prepared and will know what OpTic are doing. The riflers on the NA side will need to be on point today, if they are to have a chance. Looking at the maps, they are hard to predict as well. We could see train coming out again, and OpTic will be hoping for a better veto this time. Another possibility is Overpass, which is good for both sides. Overall we shouldn’t judge OpTic too much from yesterday, as they ended on a map they don’t play. I do favour the NA side slightly and would put it at 55-45 in favour of them and will be accordingly.

My odds for this match: FSid3 45:55 OpTic Gaming


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