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2016/07/14 20:14 UTC

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G2 vs. mouz at ELeague

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I’m a big fan of Gamers2 and I love their playstyle, but I have a bad feeling about this match and I actually think mousesports will take it, there are many thing that made me think if betting on Gamers2 makes any sense, and well, it doesn’t make sense at all. Gamers2 have a stand in as RpK is having some health issues, he was a very important player and now they have Fuks who is quite bad, definitely a massive downgrade from RpK, I mean let’s be real here, Fuks almost always bottom fragged against mediocre tier 3 teams. Oh, and another reason to bet on mousesports is the fact that G2’s players are sitting on 15-20 hours played in the last two weeks, that’s like an hour a day which is probably just DM’ing, so they probably didn’t practice at all.

mousesports are usually consistent but recently did some changes with the player roles, for example NiKo is not calling anymore and I assume their coach will lead them instead, the good thing about that change is that NiKo can finally focus on fragging and he’s insane at doing it, the bad thing might be the fact that mousesports will have to adapt to the new style of calling which may take some time. mousesports kinda struggled against Liquid and FlipSid3 recently, losing to Liquid is actually something I can understand, they made it to the grand final of a major after all, FlipSid3 is also a decent team as they managed to upset NiP in a best of three on a major, and other than that mousesports have been doing very well, they also beat Gamers2 16-1 in the previous encounter.

Call me stupid or whatever but I actually think mousesports should be favored in this match, I highly suggest either betting on mousesports or skipping, betting on G2 makes no sense here.

My odds for this match: G2 45:55 mousesports

Should be an interesting game as we all remember the way mouz demolished G2 on D2 not so long ago. On top of this, G2 of course has a stand-in to replace RpK. The player is of course Fuks, who seems to be the forgotten man since the LDLC sides folded, which I guess tells you all you need to know, when everyone from those rosters finds teams except for him. Mouz have been pretty shaky lately, and were honestly disappointing in the major. Even NiKo did not play to his best and they will really want to take this game today. I don’t really know what to expect from G2 but missing RpK is a big miss for them as he was a key player. Overall, I do not really understand these odds. Mouz haver a good h2h against them, and G2 do not have their full roster. At these current odds, I will go LOW on mouz, but you need to pay attention to the maps as they will be important.

My odds for this match: G2 50:50 mousesports

Option 1Bet G2 if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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