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2016/05/20 20:30 UTC

Winner CSGL

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Godsent vs. CSGL at Starladder

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This is a classic matchup at this point, these teams played 7 maps against each other and the results are very surprising, Lounge Gaming won 6 maps out of 7, and the only one that GODSENT won was on lan, it was also the most one sided map out of all 7.

At the start of this event I was sure that Lounge Gaming will get eliminated in the group stage since they performed pretty bad lately, but they beat Na`Vi in the first match and everything changed, it actually convinced me to bet on them instead, they looked very promising against Na`Vi and their previous results against GODSENT are just insane.

There is one thing though, GODSENT is definitely a better team when it comes to fragging power and experience, many consider pronax as the best strat caller in the world, then there is twist and znajder – both very experienced and insane players, and two weaker players (Lekr0 and pauf) who are also very good. That’s something Lounge Gaming don’t have, but they still perform better and beat GODSENT all the time somehow.

Well, this match is definitely a coin flip and either team can take it, but I’d slightly favor Lounge Gaming because it just seems like they know how to play against GODSENT, and as I said before, the match against Na`Vi was really good.

My odds for this match: Godsent 45:55 CSGL

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

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I said yesterday that Godsent are a side that seems to come alive at LAN, especially players like Lekr0 who was a monster yesterday, after having some poorish online tournaments. Fside should have won the 2nd map against Godsent, but they were completely annihilated on the first map. CSGL are a side that have an incredibly good record against Godsent. They seem to beat them virtually all of the time, with similar maps virtually always being played – Cache, Mirage etc. I do expect to see Mirage today, but I would not be surprised if Godsent get rid of Cache. With it being ban ban ban ban, it will be interesting to see where this one ends up at. I do have a feeling that Godsent might take this one today, but with the head to heads going heavily in favour of CSGL, and they currently being underdogs, you can’t really bet on Godsent as things stand. LOW on CSGL under 50%.

My odds for this match: Godsent 50:50 CSGL

Option 1Bet Godsent if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


This is a tricky match to call. I think that I am slowly but surely turning into a bit of a Godsent fanboy, so that’s that. I do think that Godsent are the better team, when I look at the rosters man to man, Godsent comes out as the better team in my eyes, I think that fragging wise, consistency wise and just leadership wise here Godsent is better. Now the big kicker is the fact that CSGL for whatever reasons just keeps beating Godsent, like everytime they face, which recently has been quite often, CSGL take it. Now it hasn’t been 16:3 scorelines or anything, all very close scorelines, however in the favor of CSGL. Now my excuse to that is that the fact those are online matches, the one time these two face online, which was a few days ago, Godsent won 16:6 on Cobble which is a strong map for CSGL, and I in general think that CSGL are an online team while Godsent are coming across as LAN’ers so far here. Overall, I think this will be a close game, if you follow trends then it is very likely that CSGL will win, however I am feeling a Godsent here, or well so I hope. Overall, 60-40 in favor of Godsent, I was going to give it a 55-45 Godsent, however since it is a LAN 60-40.


3% Godsent under 67%, otherwise 3% CSGL

My odds = 60-40 GS

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Godsent under 67%, otherwise 3% CSGL

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Godsent 60:40 CSGL

Option 2Bet CSGL if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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