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2016/06/25 18:09 UTC

Winner G2

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Liquid vs. G2 at ECS

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This event is a freaking rollercoaster, North American teams are like 4-2 (5-2 if you count LG) against European teams so far and I’m pretty sure it never happened before on any lan events, upsets like Liquid over G2, TSM & Cloud9 over Astralis, and also that scary match that Fnatic had against TSM, no idea what’s going on here but this is probably the weirdest lan we’ve ever seen in CS:GO when it comes to results.

So this time Liquid are facing Gamers2 in a longer series, best of three is always great for the stronger teams are the upset chances are lower in this format, Liquid won the first best of one 16-6 and they looked way better than Gamers2, but the veto process didn’t go too well for the frenchies and Liquid got their best map there, Liquid didn’t look nearly as good against Luminosity on train though, they had a decent T side but nothing worked out on the CT side.

Gamers2 just finished their match against NiP and basically wrecked them 2-0, it wasn’t even close this time and Gamers2 looked great, shox and ScreaM had a great match again and showed that you should never underestimate this duo, so G2 won 16-4 on cache which is one of NiP’s best maps and 16-10 on dust2 which actually used to be their best map just few months ago, believe it or not but SmithZz had a massive impact on dust2 and I honestly haven’t seen him play so well in months.

So Gamers2 is not only a stronger team but also looked better in the second match, it also seems like all their players are hitting their shots right now so that’s good, I don’t really know what maps can we expect here but Gamers2 should have a decent advantage coming into this match and I believe they will win, mostly due to their wide map pool and also the fact that Liquid is still a fairly new team.

My odds for this match: Liquid 40:60 G2

Really hard to call game. Liquid completely smashed them a few days ago and then had a really close loss against LG, in a game where they could have actually won it. G2 seem to have woken up, and I don’t expect the same result today. I would actually favour G2 going into this game slightly, but honestly the map pool and fire power is pretty similar on both sides. Liquid have s1mple who, if he goes off, it will be interesting to see if G2 can even handle him. The team work of G2, gives them a slight edge here, but honestly with the way Liquid have been playing and looked lately, and as they are current underdogs, I find it hard to justify a bet on G2 at these odds. I do kind of think G2 will get their revenge today, but Liquid for sure has a good chance taking this.

My odds for this match: Liquid 45:55 G2

Option 1Bet G2 if odds 51% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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