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Best Of 3
2016/04/24 04:00 UTC

Winner Liquid
Team SoloMid

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Liquid vs. TSM at ECS

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For a while I thought that TSM can actually become one of the better teams in North America, having adreN was a massive boost but now they are pretty mediocre, the loss against Echo Fox is definitely not something I would expect from TSM and that’s quite disappointing, I really thought they will play better.

The problem with this match is that Liquid are not looking that great without s1mple and they definitely need time to get used to the new setup, however I believe they are still way better than TSM and should be able to win this match quite easily, there is a chance for TSM to take a map, but I really don’t think they are good enough to beat Liquid in a best of three series.

My odds for this match: Liquid 75:25 Team SoloMid

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Ok do I believe in a FNS, SicK, Twistz, Semphis and Autimatic to beat Liquid, not really but I mean, it’s Liquid. Liquid has a high peak however, they just kicked/left their coach so that is not good, however I mean I do not think GBJames contributed to much, but it is what it is, not good eitherway. Liquid is not the team you want to rely on the most either, they are quite inconsistent and shaky at times, at least in their current stage so be careful, NA is still NA. TSM is not horrible on paper, not at all, they just are not doing something right. They’ve been together for some time now, the core at least and the results they are producing just are not there. Autimatic is a good talent when on form, SicK is a good youngster who can frag and same applies to Twistz. The experience of FNS and Semphis should be good for the team too, however they just do not gel. TSM lost to EchoFox a few days ago and I was just face palming half the game since I was seriously expecting TSM to pick that up, but nope, they lose to Moe and A2Z. Overall this should not be a white wash, TSM can pickup a map however Liquid really should be closing out games like this. TSM is not horrible, however they need time I feel. 75-25 Liquid


5% Liquid under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB TSM

My odds = 75-25 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Liquid under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB TSM

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Liquid 75:25 Team SoloMid

Option 2Bet Team SoloMid if odds 18% or less
Team SoloMid


high risk

Liquid going into this game did not exactly have the best of warm ups, they basically had two free wins. We have seen TSM a lot lately, and they have shown signs of becoming a decent team, but they are still making a lot of errors, and finding their way as a team overall. They had a close loss to Echo Fox that they should have closed out 2-0, and their inability to win a game like that makes me worry coming into this one, as if they drop a few rounds against Liquid, they will be punished. Their go too maps have been Cobble and D2, which are really good maps for Liquid as well, which is also an issue for TSM. I do think TSM have a small chance to take this, but the overall level and organisation of Liquid should be too much. If Liquid move about 80% though, then just ICB TSM a those odds are too high.

My odds for this match: Liquid 75:25 Team SoloMid

Option 2Bet Team SoloMid if odds 20% or less
Team SoloMid


high risk


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