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2016/07/16 04:00 UTC

Winner mousesports

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mouz vs. FaZe at ELeague

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I like the matchup between these two teams but it’s kind of hard to predict, luckily it seems like FaZe did not practice all that much lately and their performance was rather disappointing, not like mousesports played any better, especially with that 0-2 loss against FlipSid3 as well as the struggle against Gamers2 who played without their key player, so that’s also quite scary, either way, mousesports is a better team at the moment and they always had a great record against FaZe and this is the match they really should win.

Looking at the results of these two teams, mousesports beat Gamers2 and lost to FlipSid3 as I already mentioned, they also beat ENVYUS and lost against VP and Liquid. FaZe on the other hand, barely scraped a win against CLG who played with completely goofed roles, they also lost against SK Gaming and fnatic twice, and actually managed to upset fnatic 16-14 on dust2 on ESL One Cologne major, so that’s a good result I guess.

Either way, I think mousesports put way more time into preparing for this event as well as the upcoming ones, they also looked better than FaZe and I believe they should be favored here, I wouldn’t go with anything more than a small bet though, I just wish we knew the maps before the match starts.

My odds for this match: mousesports 60:40 FaZe

Really hard game to call that on the head to head favours mouz, but that can not mean a lot in the grand scheme of things. Both sides looked pretty poor yesterday, and that is a key thing to remember, whoever can step it up today, will likely take the win. The maps are out so we can look at them.

The first map is Train, that is a good map for mouz, but a better map for FaZe. Mouz results on this map seem to really vary, and are sometimes good, and sometimes quite poor. They did recently make a strat for the T side that worked incredibly well against Envy, but for the most part, they seemed quite poor on this map. It is a map you would have to favour FaZe on slightly. The second map is D2, which I would favour mouz on. It is a map that you need a dominant AWP on, and Chrisj is famous for his D2 play. Fox yesterday had 11 kills in 34 rounds and this is not enough if they want to take this map.

The 3rd map is Cache, which is a good map for both, and a NiKo speciality, but for the most part this is a 50-50 map. Looking at the maps overall, this could easily go to 3 maps, and I will play the odds and go LOW on the underdog.

My odds for this match: mousesports 50:50 FaZe


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