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2016/07/07 19:10 UTC

Winner Liquid

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mouz vs. Liquid at ESL One

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3 months ago



Another underdog bet for me, Liquid is probably the best team in North America right now, at least with the current roster that features s1mple, however I still need to see them play a bit more than just few matches, they looked very shaky against and just couldn’t hold the sites on the CT side, nothing worked for them and it seems like Liquid struggle when they are up against opponents with better team play.

So both teams managed to beat ENVYUS and lost against, it seemed like mousesports’ team play and strats were better, while Liquid outaimed their opponents and didn’t focus on strats all that much, that’s quite scary as Liquid have insane aimers and players who can single handedly win rounds for them.

Well I really don’t feel confident betting on this match, Liquid looked slightly better in the recent time but mousesports are definitely more experienced and played together for way longer, the odds are also quite weird so I guess I’ll just go with a small bet on mousesports, this match is pretty much 50-50 while the current odds are at over 60% for Liquid, the only good thing about this match is that both Liquid and mousesports have similar map pools, so we will most likely end up seeing train, cobblestone and either cache or dust2, so it makes it even more 50-50 and playing the odds is the best you can do there.

My odds for this match: mousesports 50:50 Liquid


So both teams are here because they beat Envy on Train and lost to Virtus Pro. Overall from watching both teams play Liquid have been more impressive to me, whenever I watched them play, I feel like they had the potential to win all of their matches, however they were just slow starters and then they made some crucial mistakes which did not allow them to close out the game. We haven’t seen S1mple really go off either, so if that happens it is good for Liquid, bad for Mouz of course. Mouz eh, haven’t been impressing me. There has not been good performances from Niko, Nex or ChrisJ which is looking scary since they essentially need these 3, at least 2 of them performing really well to win most of the time. This is a really tricky since you can basically argue that either team can deserve to be favorites here, both can easily beat eachother and both almost play in essentially the same way, rely on individuals to show up. I will favor Liquid here, however it will probably get really close, and I am their fan so I might be biased. 60-40 Liquid


3% Liquid under 67%, othewise 3% Mouz

My odds = 60-40 Liquid

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Liquid under 67%, othewise 3% Mouz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: mousesports 40:60 Liquid

Option 2Bet mousesports if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Pretty hard to call game to be honest. On paper, I do think that Liquid are the favourites to take it, but they are basically a mix and have a weak map pool. The mouz guys have actually been kind of interesting. Usually we see NiKO and nobody else playing well, but the last game we saw well, of of mouz almost apart from him. He was calling perfect though, and they completely raped Envy in the end. Envy should have closed this game out honestly, but the mouz guys out played them completely, running the same strat over and over. Overall, I would put this game slightly in the favour of Liquid, but only 55-45. At these odds, I will most likely go LOW on mouz. Looking at the maps, I think we will see Cache, and perhaps train. If I was mouz, I would really focus on removing Cobble, as that is the one map I really favour Liquid on.

My odds for this match: mousesports 45:55 Liquid

Option 1Bet Liquid if odds 54% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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