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WCA 2016

Best Of 3
2016/07/26 17:10 UTC

Winner Alpha

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NokSuKao vs. Alpha at WCA 2016

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Strange matchup this one but oh well what can you do. Ahm this is not Alpha at all, at least not the Alpha I am used to seeing, this is ”Eastern Vikings”, all 5 of them so that’s that, I guess they got picked up by Alpha which ahm, congrats to them I guess. Ahm I do not know too much about Eastern Vikings, from research they seem decent however nothing special. I do think that the CIS boys here are better and should be winning this, especially if players like Little and Electronic can bring their A game here. Little has been really good whenever I’ve seen him play, one of the more stand out Russian players that have appeared on the scene not recently, but not long ago either. If he can bring what he has the majority of games I’ve seen him play, probably rip for Alpha. The problem is that CIS teams tend to be really inconsistent and looking at these players, I can definitely apply that here too so betting on them meh, not my greatest bet but what can be done. I do think that Alpha aren’t pushovers here, however they are still my underdogs and will have to play really well to upset which eh, I mean is possible but seeing how it is a BO3 I just expect NokSukao to close it out, btw is that name just for this tournament since it will be hosted in China? They are trying to fit into the culture which I like 😀 Odds are difficult for this match but about 65-35 seems about right.


5% NokSukao under 72%, otherwise 2% Alpha

My odds = 65-35 NokSukAo

My risk = High

My bet = 5% NokSukao under 72%, otherwise 2% Alpha

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NokSuKao 65:35 Alpha

Option 1Bet NokSuKao if odds 72% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

I was about to say that this match should be easy for NokuSuKao as their lineup seems to be better and they are also in ESEA Premier and stuff, but Alpha are doing great, they are 12-3 in ESEA Main and honestly it should have been 13-2 but they lost an overtime against Tricked, Alpha also managed to beat teams like LGR, VwS and visomvet, so pretty decent results actually.

NokuSuKao are 7-6 in ESEA Premier, they managed to beat Lions, eSuba, Team X and few weaker teams, the major qualifier didn’t go that well as they lost every single map, however they were super close to beating Cloud9 and dignitas, so they are not terrible, still very bad though.

I honestly feel like Alpha have a very good chance to upset NokuSuKao here and they probably will, small bet on them wouldn’t hurt so that’s what I’d suggest doing here.

My odds for this match: NokSuKao 60:40 Alpha

Is a game that the CIS side should be winning to be honest, and I do expect them to do so. The Alpha side they play today is very different from the ones we have seen before, it is the old Eastern Vikings, who had a few semi decent results, but nothing to write home about. The CIS side should have won the 2nd map against AA, but after being 13-9 up and being ddosed, they lost to an eco, and lost every round there after. I would be afraid of putting my skins on a side that is being ddosed as you don’t know if this is going to happen again or not. I do feel that NS (as I will call them) will take this game but at these odds, with the fear of ddosing around, ICB on Alpha is about all you can do.

My odds for this match: NokSuKao 75:25 Alpha

Option 1Bet NokSuKao if odds 78% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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