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Female Stars

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2016/06/13 19:00 UTC

Winner Secret.fe

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Secret.Fe vs. Heaven.Fe at Female Stars

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Ok this is the very pristine quality of CSGO matches, what we live for boys. Ehm little info on the Heaven girls but ahm, what I did find is that they hover around 11-12 RWS, aka about 1 RWS above yours truly, Kristygod so ahm, I’d say Secret has this ez pz. But ahm right here we have the clash of FaZe clans, Secret is a mix nationality team and so is Heaven. Heaven players are = Shushu, Kllyve, Shifty, Julie and JinJin. And ahm exactly 0 of them ring a bell. You see even though Kristyboi is a troll he does his research and I can clearly see that 3 months ago these two faced off and Secret won 2:0 yes however 16:9 and 16:14!! So not the most convincing of results there indeed. Secret is the best CSGO female team however, that is 100% and they are by quite some margins, as they very rarely lose and most of the time they just demolish these teams, and seeing that they faced off 3 months ago, I do think Secret has improved and will probably win easier this time around. The difference is that Heaven competes with female teams and struggles in most of their matches, meanwhile Secret actually does pretty decently vs low tier male teams like LowAndLions most recently where they should have won at least one map but choke was real, and I mean LLL is a good team so nothing disappointing there. Overall, hard one really here I wouldn’t really bet this haha, just skip and enjoy I guess. 75-25 Secret. Odds will be too one sided on Secret. Secret will probably smash this but eh, not worth it in my eyes.


Ehm skip this, Secret will win probably, you could bet on them if you do not care about odds but I’m not about that life.

My odds = 750-25 Secret

My risk = Medium

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Secret.fe 75:25 Heaven.fe

Normally I would think that this match should be easy for Secret, but I know nothing about female teams because that’s something you should always skip, another reason to skip is the fact that Heaven were very close to beating Secret around three months ago when they played as Exertus.fe, they managed to get 14 rounds on train and 9 on inferno so that was a close one.

Secret is the best female team in the world and have been performing very well overall, they even had a couple of close matches against male teams which is something we don’t see very often, but as I said, you never know with female teams, maybe Heaven practiced a ton and they will beat Secret, we can’t be sure about that becauase they didn’t play a single match in almost three months, so just skip this match and save your skins for normal matches.

My odds for this match: Secret.fe 60:40 Heaven.fe

From asking around a female friend of mine who plays in a upper female team, she told me that the Heaven side is actually not bad, and better than some people think, but they should be no match for the Secret side. They have been dominating the female scene for a while, winning the last big events, and even beating cadiaN in a 1v1. Not sure what that means though. Overall, this should be a comfortable win for the Secret side, and although of course there is a risk due to not knowing the other side THAT much, small/med on Secret seems to make sense here if you wish to bet.

My odds for this match: Secret.fe 80:20 Heaven.fe


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