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2016/07/06 19:00 UTC

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SK vs. FaZe at ESL One

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I don’t think I need to say anything special here, SK Gaming is the best team in the world and they won the recent major as well as the ESL Pro League Finals, they also played very well in their first match against Gamers2 on this major and this time they are up against FaZe who managed to upset fnatic 16-14 on dust2 but have been quite inconsistent lately, the major qualifier went great for FaZe as they managed to qualify with a quick 3-0 over Gambit, FlipSid3 and dignitas, they also beat dignitas twice on ELEAGUE although the second match was extremely close, they also took a map off of fnatic twice but got 16-0’d on cobblestone and barely beat TSM on both cobble and train, so yea they are pretty inconsistent.

I honestly feel like we might witness a stomp here, FaZe have a couple of maps which they could win like dust2 or mirage for example, but SK Gaming are just insane on all maps and I don’t think there is a chance for FaZe to upset them and advance from the first place, I’m actually very confident with SK Gaming here, I’d say a medium bet should be fine.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 70:30 FaZe


This is a matchup that SK should and will probably take, however BO1 so don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. SK is of course Ex Luminosity, best team in the world in my books and they did rather well versus a on fire G2 yesterday, however FaZe historically is around the same level as G2, obviously not in recent history, however FaZe did show yesterday that they can compete by defeating Fnatic. FaZe also do have key players who if they go off, in a BO1 envoirment like this, they can shine heavily. That being said however, of course SK skill wise are god damn insane, they have so much skill and not only that, but they are as a team very sound, tactically, chemistry wise and what not, SK are just insane man. Looking at the maps and what not, those obviously favor SK too and what not, I don’t know, this will be very tough for FaZe but not impossible. Overall, 70-30 for SK


5% SK under 77%, otherwise 2% FaZe

My odds = 70-30 SK

My risk = High

My bet = 5% SK under 77%, otherwise 2% FaZe

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 65:35 FaZe

Option 2Bet FaZe if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

So going into this game you have to heavily favour SK. They are the raining champions and are favourites for this whole tournament. They are the best team in the world, have star players all over their roster and have a really deep map pool. FaZe were impressive against fnatic, but it was on a good map for them, and on a map where underdogs seem to reign supreme. We actually see more upsets on D2 than any other map right now. The main issue for FaZe is, even if they can get the veto down to Mirage or Train, these are still 2 incredibly strong maps for the Brazilian side, and you would have to favour them on both of them. This is still a BO1 though, and you have to take that into account. At these odds, and anything close to 25%. LOW/ICB on FaZe seems the only logical bet.

Edited it when I saw cobble.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 70:30 FaZe

Option 2Bet FaZe if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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