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2016/07/05 18:55 UTC

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SK vs. G2 at ESL One

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Tricky tricky here indeed. You have to favor SK, or well ex-Luminosity here however as they are simply the best team in the world. G2 have made a big and fast rise to the top 5 and it has to be respected, however much of that respect will lay down on this major to see if they really are the real deal, well…kinda. THe thing with G2 is that I do think that most of the time they are a two man team, three at max. Shox and ScreaM without a doubt are the main reason for the recent heavy rise of the team, they’ve simply found their form and are playing out of their minds, with RPK contributing here and there too. As long as Shox and ScreaM can keep this up, we see that they keep winning, however we have also gotten a taste of what happens when they land back to earth, and trust me, everyone has a bad or not an peak game here and there, so you can not be too sold on G2 as essentially betting on two players showing up, and then them making damage is a bad bet in my books. Of course these two met in the ECS finals a few days ago and G2 took it 2-0 which just surprised me so much, and it was a good upset however this is the real deal. The major is where LG will give it their all, have been preparing for and what not, and this is where the pressure is, all eyes on you and what not, this is the real test. It is a BO1 however, and Shox and ScreaM in situations like this shine I’d say, so it surely should be a great match, especially since historically matches between these two have been very close. Overall, 60-40 SK. I’d almost say it is good that they lost that ECS final, an eye opener for SK. Also just quickly, before you guys call me stupid, SK is not Pimp, Modii, Magiskboy and what not, this is Luminosity, Fallen, Coldzera etc..


3% SK under 67%, otherwise 3% G2

My odds = 60-40 SK

My risk = High

My bet = 3% SK under 67%, otherwise 3% G2

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 60:40 G2

Option 2Bet G2 if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

The last few months have been going great for Gamers2, they are playing better than they ever did and it’s just insane how quickly they improved after cutting Ex6TenZ from their team, during that time Gamers2 already managed to get a few pretty big achievements, they finished on the second place on ESL Pro League Finals where they met SK Gaming in the grand final and were just one round away from winning the event, these two teams also met in the grand final of ECS Season 1 Finals and this time Gamers2 destroyed them 2-0 to win the event.

SK Gaming couldn’t really focus on practicing too much lately, they attended many different events and also had to fix all the issues with the Luminosity / SK Gaming trade, they had a couple of disappointing matches recently, barely beat Liquid and Cloud9 on ELEAGUE, struggled against Renegades but managed to win the match 19-17 in overtime, also lost 14 rounds against TSM and got 2-0’d by Gamers2, they are not in the best shape right now and Gamers2 already beat them quite convincingly so I guess frenchies should be slightly favored here.

This is probably the hardest match to predict on the first day of the major, but Gamers2 are on fire and I’d rather go with them here, small bet on Gamers2 for me.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 45:55 G2

Really hard to call game but one that for me is quite easy to decide what to bet on. G2 completely stomped SK the other week, and made them look remarkably average. Now, G2 often are inconsistent and might well come into this major and get completely stomped the first game, and then come back stronger, as they often seem to do. But if shox and Scream are hitting their shots, this will be a really close game. Now people are favouring SK by quite a bit, and this makes no sense to me. In the BO5 they played, it was INCREDIBLY close, and in the recent BO3, G2 made them look really average. I do still favour SK slightly, and will put the odds at 55-45 and bet from that.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 55:45 G2

Option 1Bet SK Gaming if odds 52% or less
SK Gaming

Small (3%)

high risk


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