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2016/07/10 17:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming

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SK vs. Liquid at ESL One

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This is one that I think SK should and will take. I really, really do hope that Liquid wins it as a big fan, however if you look at this logically, it has to be SK coming out on top. However the positive here is that I said the same about Liquid vs Na’Vi and Liquid vs Fnatic and they ended up destroying both. Obviously on paper the score for Liquid vs Fnatic looks a lot closer, however if you watched the match, Liquid just domianted both maps and it was just a matter of closing them, losing 4/4 pistols did not help. Historically matches between these two have been very close, however, especially in recent history they always edge out towards SK, however this is the strongest ever Liquid roster we’ve had, so maybe they can push it over the line this time. You definitely can not count Liquid out here, SK has not been the most convincing of sides, and if they are slow here, Liquid can punish you, give their one of many stars a good performance and it is definitely doable. I just think that SK know how Liquid will play since Peacemaker calls for them and he is Brazilian and used to coach Immortals who are obviously very close with the SK guys, and overall, SK are the better team with more experience and what not. The least I am asking is that this is a great series,b ut then again not sure if my heart would be able to take a painful, close defeat by Liquid. Should be a good series, however think SK will edge it out here. 60-40 SK


3% SK under 67%, otherwise 3% Liquid

My odds = 60-40 SK

My risk = High

My bet = 3% SK under 67%, otherwise 3% Liquid

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 60:40 Liquid

Option 2Bet Liquid if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

SK are the best team in the world, and going into this game you have to make them the favourites. They have not looked the best so far this tournament, but perhaps they will peek just when they need too and take this whole event. The other thing for them is coldzera. Whenever they need him, he has performed amazingly well, and looks clearly the best player in the world right now. Liquid have played really good as well, and you only have to look at their results against Navi and fnatic to realise they deserve to be here. Looking at the maps, I think SK will remove Cache, as they have done a lot lately, and then Liquid will for sure remove Overpass. Liquid I think will want to pick Cobble, and SK perhaps Mirage or Train. This will then leave D2, Mirage/Train and Nuke. I hope for the sake of to see who is the best team, we avoid Nuke here. Looking at the maps left, D2 is pretty even, Mirage I would favour SK on, Train I would favour SK, and Nuke I would favour SK, but only JUST. 65-35 for me for SK, a bit less if the 3rd map is D2 or Nuke, so look out for that.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 65:35 Liquid

Option 2Bet Liquid if odds 35% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

I would never expect Liquid to make it to the finals of a major knowing that their lineup is still fairly new, even if they played together for longer it’s still hard to believe that a North American team made it to the grand final, additionally this is a final between two American teams and the first major without a single European team in the final, that’s just insane.

So Liquid kinda struggled at the start as they lost to on cobblestone and the match was pretty one sided as went 10-3 on the second half, however Liquid played extremely well in all other matches, they destroyed mousesports and ENVYUS in the group stage, the match against Na’Vi was quite easy too, then they met fnatic in the semis and that was the real test, Liquid beat them 2-0, 16-13 on both maps.

SK Gaming were my favorites to win this event from the start, they had few hiccups during this event, kinda struggled on one map against and FlipSid3 but stomped on all other maps. So SK’s biggest advantage here is most likely the fact that they are the best team in the world, but they also have an insane map pool and their team play is just unreal, I honestly think they will win this mathc even though the last series against Liquid on MLG Columbus didn’t go too well for them, but regardless of that, I think Liquid already made it far enough and winnig a major would be a bit too much for a fairly new team. SK is my pick.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 60:40 Liquid


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