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2016/06/25 21:35 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid

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TSM vs. Cloud9 at ECS

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The amount of good underdog bets on this event is just insane, first Liquid beat Gamers2, then TSM and Cloud9 won their matches against Astralis, and TSM were also super close to beating fnatic on cobblestone which was a big surprise too, this time we have a best of three between two North American teams and honestly the odds make no sense at all again, TSM have been playing extremely well and their results are very impressive, their matches against fnatic and Astralis were great, not to mention their amazing performance on ELEAGUE against FaZe, dignitas and fnatic, and it’s even more impressive with the fact that Twistzz (their best player) wasn’t playing with them on that event.

Cloud9 looked just as good as TSM with the only difference being that they actually stomped Astralis 2-0 in a best of three, also played a best of one against fnatic which was very close and Cloud9 could even win there if they didn’t lose that 5v2 on the last round, so the final result was quite disappointing, but Cloud9 have been performing well for a while now, and also Clud9 would have won way more matches if shroud didn’t underperform so often.

So both teams are looking hot and I’d say both are basically on the same level right now, I’d still slightly favor Cloud9 due to their experience and stuff, but either team can win this match and the best thing to do is definitely betting on the underdog which is TSM while I’m writing this, so yea, TSM is my pick here.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 45:55 Cloud9

Hard to call game to be honest. C9 looked good, as did TSM. But TSM have looked good on one map. If this map is removed, it will be interesting to see how good or bad the TSM boys will do. Another thing to consider is, C9 showed up against astralis, but how often does that happen. How often recently has shroud performed? Almost not at all recently, and relying on him to hit his level will be hard. This is still C9, and I find it difficult to see them losing to the vastly inexperienced TSM roster. I can see the maps being the typical NA maps, Cache, D2, for example, and you have to say these maps do edge towards C9, if they can hit their shots. The two teams know each other really well, and I have to favour C9 here. 70-30, bet accordingly.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 30:70 Cloud9

Option 2Bet Team SoloMid if odds 30% or less
Team SoloMid

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