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Team SoloMid


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2016/06/26 16:30 UTC

Winner Luminosity

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TSM vs. LG at ECS

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Honestly just skip this. This is a BO3 that I think LG should take, and if you look at the rosters, they should be taking easily however TSM is on fire the past month or so lol and you can’t count them out entirely. I do not think they will upset LG here, however nor do I have the desire and confidence in betting LG at 85%. The risk for reward here just is not worth it in my eyes, for any decent return I have to make quite a big bet, and once again while I do think that LG will take this, meh, just not a bet I like making. TSM has been looking really hot so far the tournament and same can be said about LG of course, but LG obviously looking better. LG are the favorites to take this whole event and right fully so, I do think they will win it all but some bets you just have to let pass. I remember watching this match online where TSM was so close to taking it however they choked in the most painful of fashions, so I mean, they’ve been close before. Won’t go massively into detail since a skip, but 75-25 LG. If TSM drops below like 10% you might wanna consider a ICB on them.


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My odds = 75-25 LG

My risk = Medium

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 25:75 Luminosity

This is definitely not the best match to bet on, especially if you’re going with the underdog like me, statistically Luminosity should be able to win this match quite easily, but TSM have been doing so well that betting against them with these odds is just stupid, TSM beat Astralis and 2-0’d Cloud9 so far, they also had a very close match against fnatic which they lost 14-16, but that was still a very impressive result considering that cobblestone is fnatic’s best map and they’ve been wrecking some of the best teams in the world on it.

Luminosity obviously played better than TSM, they are the best team in the world and also the clear favorites to win this event, so far they beat NiP and Liquid both 16-12, both matches were played on train so it’s hard to tell if Luminosity focused on practicing other maps, they probably did since this is a $765,000 tournament and they definitely prepared for it.

I’m not going to go over maps and assume which one should favor TSM and which would be good for Luminosity, it won’t affect my bet in any way because I’m definitely not betting on Luminosity with the current odds, TSM deserve at least 30% and I’m going to bet on them as long as they are below that, they have a good shot here.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 30:70 Luminosity

Well, I think the chances for TSM to take this are really small, but with the way they have been playing, you just don’t know. I honestly thought they wouldn’t look as good on other maps other than Cobble, but they really surprised me. One of their key things that helped them get this win, was the fact they took all the pistol rounds. They will honestly need something like this again, if they are to have a chance vs LG. They will also need a good veto, and the clutches to go their way, and LG to have an off day. The chance for all of this to happen is obviously incredibly unlikely, but with the odds being how they are right now, the only logical thing you can do, is ICB on TSM, and relax and enjoy the game.

My odds for this match: Team SoloMid 25:75 Luminosity

Option 1Bet Luminosity if odds 72% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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