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Rising Stars

Best Of 2
2016/06/07 20:10 UTC

Winner CW

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CW vs. LDLC at Rising Stars

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Oh what’s this, two teams that I think are overrated coming head to head? What could be better. Now ahm, I don’t even know who I think is the better team here, man for man I think that LDLC has more potential to get to places, however result wise and just chemistry wise I feel CPH takes the cake here, but yeah individually LDLC. These two played a few days ago and CPH just completely destroyed LDLC, however not focusing on that too much since it was a BO1 and who knows, maybe LDLC was just not feeling it at all. I think this should be close, and given how it is a BO2, a 1-1 is most likely here, just depends on picking the right team! 😛 Ahm, a big one here is will Mertz play or Glace again, I do not think that there is a huge difference, however Mertz should slot in better. Also worth mentioning is that CPH just got dropped by their organisation, so ahm when this happens there is two outcomes, the team either fights really hard to try and gain attraction from new sponsors, or they just take a step back and go into relax mode seeing how they do not have an org to represent anymore and they are just playing under themselves kinda thing. I do feel like CPH should be favored here slightly, however not by much, and honestly if you came to me saying LDLC should be favored, I could see your point. 55-45 CPH.


3% CPH under 62%, otherwise 3% LDLC

My odds = 55-45 CPH

My risk = High

My bet = 3% CPH under 62%, otherwise 3% LDLC

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CW 55:45 LDLC

Option 1Bet CW if odds 62% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

This is a rematch of a best of one we’ve had three days ago, that match went 16-5 in favor of Copenhagen Wolves and LDLC looked completely lost, they look really bad in their matches in general, and at the time LDLC were forming this team I already said it’s not going to work out and so far it seems like I was right.

LDLC are not terrible but not good either, if you take a look at their results you can see they beat a couple of decent teams such as Alternate, Tricked, won few maps against Orbit, PENTA, Escape and eSuba, they also wrecked the spanish K1CK 16-1 and 16-2, lost against AGG, Copenhagen Wolves and got a lot of draws in Razer Rising Stars, also, by the time I’m writing this they just tied against PRIDE which is a terrible result, PRIDE is a really bad team and LDLC should have won that match…

Copenhagen Wolves are definitely better than LDLC right now, they beat them 16-5 few days ago and their results are clearly better, Copenhagen Wolves beat Space Soldiers, Alternate, Worst Players, Orbit, Epsilon, DenDD, Alpha and the portuguese K1CK, tied against Escape, DenDd, Orbit and were very close to beating ENCE, but unfortunately lost 14-16 on both maps. CW’s lineup is also better, they have gla1ve who’s very experienced and even got approached by Astralis to attend the upcoming ESL One Cologne major with them, there’s also valde – a new up and coming player with insane stats, the rest of their players are also great, Snappi is also insane.

So this is a best of two and honestly I don’t see LDLC winning this, I believe they could take a map but Copenhagen Wolves won’t get 2-0’d here, it would be very surprising with how bad LDLC is playing right now.

My odds for this match: CW 65:35 LDLC

Hard to call game as LDLC did not look THAT impressive earlier, but going into this game, I feel like they do have a shot. CW are apparently playing with glace tonight, who is a good player, but changing your roster all the time is not the best for your side, and they might have issues with executes against a decent French side. They played a few days ago, on Overpass. It is a map I have seen LDLC struggle on a lot before, and it is a map that CW have been known to pick pretty much whenever they can. I expect this map to be removed tonight and can see D2 being played, which in my opinion will be a really close map. Under 40%, I would drop a really LOW bet on LDLC and purely play the odds here.

My odds for this match: CW 60:40 LDLC

Option 1Bet CW if odds 60% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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