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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/05/30 17:00 UTC

Winner CW

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DenDD vs. CW at Operation Kinguin

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This in my head screams DenDD upset, however putting logic behind it, my gut feeling kinda gets cancelled out. I am not a fan of the CPH guys, I do not think they are as good as some people put them out to be, and even man for  man they don’t really impress me. They find themselves in a somewhat new roster of course after removing Hunden and Percy, and actually the two new guys have been really helping the team out and they have been doing well, wasn’t really expecting that. Now is this just a honeymoon period or a permanent thing we will see, however good to so far. DenDD is a side that I think has potential, however like I always say they just have no stability, I don’t even know 100% if the HLTV roster for this match is correct, probably not. You look at the roster man for man and it looks strong, and while the team is not doing horrible right now, they are not doing that well either. I do think that the fact that DenDD just constantly change around their roster hurts them a lot, they constantly change around roles, can’t get set executes going, teamplay isn’t building and what not, and it really does hurt them as a team, but with that aside I do think that individually they are a strong team and can definitely fight here. My gut is saying DenDD, however I always have this feeling with DenDD, only to 80% of the time be upset by it. Overall, think CPH should win however 75-25/70-30 is about right in my books, this is a tricky one I feel.


5% CPH under 82%, otherwise 2% DenDD

My odds = 75-25 CPH

My risk = High

My bet = 5% CPH under 82%, otherwise 2% DenDD

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: DenDD 25:75 CW

Option 2Bet DenDD if odds 18% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

This match is pretty straightforward as DenDD are simply bad, they’ve been playing with this lineup for quite some time but it’s just not working out for them, they had a couple of decent results lately, few close matches against teams like Gambit Gaming, AGG, K1CK, Orbit, Alternate and dignitas, beat Bpro, Alpha, Worst Players and Alter Your Ego, they also got wrecked by Copenhagen Wolves around a month ago, it seems like DenDD can do well and have close matches, but they just can’t close it out.

Copenhagen Wolves are doing surprisingly well considering their lineup is not that strong, they managed to beat Space Soldiers 2-0 which is already a great result, also 2-0’d teams like K1CK, Alternate, Alpha, Worst Players, Orbit and tied against AGG, these results are clearly way better than DenDD’s, I’m really impressed with Copenhagen Wolves and am definitely looking forward to seeing them play today.

Looking at the maps, Copenhagen Wolves’ best map is definitely cobblestone, they’ve been picking this map a lot lately and won every single match on it, they are also very good on other maps such as inferno, overpass, train, dust2 and mirage. DenDD are also very good on cobble, I don’t think they are as good as Copenhagen Wolves on it but definitely capable of beating them, another good map for DenDD is train, they beat Gambit pretty convincingly on this map yesterday, then we have cache which is usually their pick but it seems like they’ve been losing majority of their matches on this map.

So, everything is going in favor of Copenhagen Wolves, they are not only better but they have a wider map pool and such, I would definitely go with Copenhagen Wolves here, not worth betting on DenDD with how bad they were at closing out their matches.

My odds for this match: DenDD 30:70 CW

Feel like this game kind of depends on whether atter is playing for DenDD or not. If he is, then they are a level above what they normally are, as he is a very good player. It is also good they are playing with darti, and the others can be good when they are on their game. Overall though, this is still a game that CW should be winning, and they are the heavy favourites and rightfully so. DenDD still feel like a mix team to me, and I highly doubt they will have almost anything worked on, which will make things difficult in a BO3 against a team, albeit one with a new roster. Overall, I still think the odds are off, with the real ones being closer to 70-30/75-25, and as things stand I would just ICB on DenDD or SKIP.

My odds for this match: DenDD 30:70 CW

Option 1Bet CW if odds 75% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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