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2016/12/17 20:25 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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dignitas vs. Counter Logic Gaming CS:GO

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I guess today is the day of the one sided matches, this one seems to be pretty one sided as well, however it seems to be a bit more risky than the others, there are few scenarios where CLG could actually upset dignitas here, especially because dignitas don’t seem to be as good as they were back on EPICENTER, still good enough to win this match though. I don’t really know what map to expect here, it’s very likely that we’ll see a map like mirage, overpass or cobblestone here, those maps are obviously better for dignitas, they’ve been winning their games agains some of the best teams in the world on these, not much CLG can do here really.

The skill gap between the players of those two teams is just way too big I think, dignitas should be able to take it no matter what map it is, I’m still not entirely confident but with players like Magiskb0Y, cajunb and k0nfig I actually think they will stomp CLG here, would be weird if they lost to amateurs like nahtE and Subroza.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 CLG


Alrighty a more pretty simple match here. While Dignitas have not necessarily been at their best, Magiskboy’s absence from the game due to school also showing I still think that they will be able to absolutely de_stroy CLG here. CLG somehow pulled off a miracle win versus Renegades who choked a 15:5 lead on Dust2, however, that will not happen here, or well should REALLY not happen lol. CLG also dropped to Vega who basically just had Mir going off and that is really poor by them. I think that CLG will be having roster changes after this event, they just do not have the players necessarily to compete, not even in NA and it’s pretty sad seeing how far the organisation has fallen. Damn they’d probably even take FNS back at this point lol. Ahm Dignitas are 1-1, pretty disappointing dropping to Godsent yesterday, they were the better team for the majority of the match I felt just not able to close it out, plus Godsent have been looking good, just beating Hellraisers too so not to discredit Dignitas too much. Not much to say here, Dig should win ez pz. 75-25 Dig


7% Dig under 82% otherwise 2% CLG / -4.5 Dignitas round handicap/ Under 21.5 Rounds all work here

My odds = 75-25 Dig

My risk = Med

My advice = Above

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 CLG

Mirage is the map that Dignitas struggled on the other day and a map that CLG have beaten SK on in the past but also a map they lost against Vega. You have to say on paper that Dig are the heavy favourites here and rightfully so. They are far superior in every way and I do expect them to take this. I can see this game going 1 of two ways. Either dig come and blow them out of the water or it gets really close and tense as the dig boys can sometimes really suffer on their T sides, especially on Mirage. I have seen lots of games where they fail to close a game out. Overall though, I don’t expect CLG to be strong enough unless koosta can dominate on the AWP. LOW on Dig for me.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 CLG


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