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SL I-League Invitational

Best Of 3
2016/08/18 17:00 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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dignitas vs. EnVyUs

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This is a really tricky one. Historically Envy has gotten the edge over Dignitas most of the time, surprise surprise Kappa, since well historically obviously they are the better team however times have changed, oh they have. Both teams have made changes to their rosters and other things have happened like slumps and what not and overall this all puts us in a very tough predicament. I do think that Envy are the better team, at any time they have players that can show up and win you a map, aka like NBK did yesterday vs Spirit, went off and single handedly almost secured them the 2nd map. Problem with this is, versus better players you can not rely on this and you can’t rely on a player going off every match either. I looked at hours played and Dignitas are just putting in work meanwhile Envy…Like 3 players have sub 20 hours, like come on. God damn Happy has 100 hours, I wonder if he has started just leaving his game open while he does other stuff because of the amount of hate he has been getting, because no way he has been grinding his ass off like 8 hours per day while the rest are slacking hardcore. Form wise Dignitas are looking better too, so while yes I think that Envy are the better team, the other factors kinda go in Dignitas way which even the playing field out, and for me this is just a clear 50-50. For me, it is a BO3 of course but it just comes down to shows up here, will Envy continue their trend of just sucking or will they do something positive for a while. The performance vs Spirit yesterday wasn’t the best, the first map espsecially of course, expected a straight forward 2-0 but nope. Eitherway, 50-50, go 3% on the underdog here honestly, not the greatest of matches but oh well.


3% Underdog here, on Hub it will be Dig bet no matter what because currently they are underdogs and well, the API is broken so I can’t play the odds on here

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Underdog

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50 EnVyUs

Envy pretty much always beat dignitas, and although dignitas have a very different roster now, their T sides were so poor the other day, I can see it being hard for them to take this. Envy looked not really convincing vs Spirit yesterday, but they got the job done and will for sure need to raise their level today.  They are famously slow starters and this might be an issue today if they start slowly on the first map, and drop it vs the Danes, it could be hard to come back. I do favour Envy for this game mainly from the head to heads, but I would not be surprised if either won here.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 45:55 EnVyUs


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