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2016/09/14 18:10 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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dignitas vs. Fnatic

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Dignitas make me want to pull my hair out. Losing Cobble, being raped the first half against G2 and then somehow winning 13-2 on D2, really makes no sense to me. Their opponent today, fnatic, has been hard on the grind. They looked good in parts against VP, and when Twist goes off, they are really hard to handle. Imagine him, dennis and olof playing well, there is hardly anything you can do. Overpass and Cobble are the maps today. The new fnatic roster has barely played Overpass, and predicting how they will do on this map feels really difficult. Cobble was always a good map for dig, but they seem to have cooled off a little on it, with their improving on D2 working in correlation to it. You would have to say team wise, dig should perhaps be favoured here, but I could see them splitting this series. Picking the right way on each map is hard. I will go LOW on Dig for Overpass, and LOW fnatic for Cobble.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 Fnatic

This is the second map for this double header and once again I’m going with dignitas here, cobblestone is one of their best maps, in fact it was their best map for a while now and they’ve been trying to pick it whenever they could, they won a lot of matches on it recently, managed to beat Rogue, Gambit, Heroic, FlipSid3, Astralis and AGG, lost two extremely close matches against Gamers2, mousesports and got upset by Space Soldiers in the middle of August, but they had a lot of issues with RUBINO back then.

Fnatic’s new lineup played only two matches on cobble so far, they actually looked quite bad to be honest, barely beat HellRaisers 19-17 in overtime, it’s worth mentioning that fnatic had a 10-0 lead in that match and finished the half 12-3, the second match was against and once again it was extremely close, once again fnatic started with a 10-3 lead and barely won the match 16-14, it seems like their T side is pretty bad, but they are very good on CT side.

Well, once again fnatic are the favorites for no reason, dignitas got very lucky with the maps today and I’m pretty sure they will take at least one, as I already mentioned cobblestone is probably their best map at the moment and they can easily take it, so this is yet another small bet on dignitas for me.


My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50 Fnatic


Second map of the day between these two and we find ourselves on Cobblestone. This is honestly super tricky one to call and if you aren’t in a position to lose, this isn’t the sort of bet you should be looking for. While we know what we can expect from Dignitas, we have no idea what to expect from Fnatic, well for the most part. I am still reserving judgement of this new Fnatic roster so it is tough. Dig historically are good on Overpass and so far Fnatic have a winning record on it, of course beating Virtus Pro on it yesterday so that’s that. Honestly seeing how it is a BO1 and that Cobble is one of the maps that upsets are more prone to happen, for me this just depends who shows up on the day, for now at least. Not really in a position to fully judge Fnatic and Dignitas can be really good like they have been recently however can’t forget that it is Dig. I will favor Fnatic here ever so slightly however Dig can easily take it. 55-45 Fnatic


3% Fnatic under 62%, otherwise 3% Dig

My odds = 55-45 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Fnatic under 62%, otherwise 3% Dig

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Dignitas 45:55 Fnatic


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