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2016/12/18 16:20 UTC

Winner Dignitas
G2 Esports

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dignitas vs. G2 Esports CS:GO

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Winner of this qualifier for the major so pretty big stakes of course. Honestly this one could really go eitherway, this is a super difficult one to call. This being a BO1 does not make it any easier since both teams have players that can just go off and win them maps easily by themselves. Neither team has been overly impressive, Dignitas has been rather shaky, even versus CLG yesterday before Magiskboy came to the recuse with 10 kills in 2 rounds lol. These teams are very evenly matched but I do think that Dignitas is the better team and have shown us a higher standard of play in recent times compared to G2. I do think that this will be a very close match so a round handicap bet does work here, but the odds aren’t the greatest since it’s an obvious thing that this will be close. I think this is just who will show up, will we see a Scream and Shox duo destroy everything or will we see a Magisk and K0nfig destroy path, time will tell I guess. In recent times Dignitas has had the upper hand over G2 too head to head wise, and I think the same will repeat here. 55-45 Dig, Super risky match, not the greatest for betting so be careful.


3% Dig under 62% otherwise 3% G2 / Over 26.5 should hit here for sure.

My odds = 55-45 Dig

My risk = High

My advice=  Above

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 G2 Esports

Another hard to call game that I think will come down to the veto a lot. Unfortunately for G2, they don’t really have a map pool to compete with dig. Looking at the 7 maps, they are not favoured on many, and the ones they are, they are unlikely to play. Mirage favours dig, Cache – G2, D2 – G2, Cobble – Dig, Overpass – Dig, Train – G2, Nuke – Dig. Dig will clearly the best maps for G2 and unless we end up on D2, Train or Cache somehow, which seems highly unlikely, you have to go on Dig here. The only way for G2 to win on one of the other maps is if the stars for dig play poorly and shox literally 30 bombs, unless that happens their chances are small. I will wait for the veto so stay tuned for that but for now will leave it as a dig bet.

Edit : Nuke is random will play the odds and go LOW on G2

My odds for this match: Dignitas 60:40 G2 Esports

dignitas have always had a pretty good matchup against Gamers2, it’s always very close but dignitas usually wins, they have a slightly better map pool as I’m pretty sure that maps like cobblestone and nuke should be just a little bit better for dignitas, not to mention mirage which Gamers2 will definitely ban first. So far dignitas didn’t show anything special on this event, they beat Spirit with a stand in and CLG, lost against GODSENT on mirage which is something I didn’t necessarily expect, at least on that map. One thing that worries me is the fact that Magiskb0Y is not playing as well as he did on previous events, perhaps he will show up today.

Gamers2 started off with a loss against GODSENT on overpass, followed i up with two wins against ENVYUS and Vega Squadron, both on dust2, didn’t show anything impressive either, once again it was shox’s show as he top fragged in all three matches, the rest played alright, even SmithZz had some sick rounds, so Gamers2 definitely improved on that, however, beating dignitas would still be a hard task for them and I’m affraid they might not be able to do that if they get unlucky in the map veto process.

I think the odds are very good for a bet on dignitas, not worth taking a risk on Gamers2 in my opinion, they would really need a good map to win this match, so I’d stick with the danish side for this one.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 G2 Esports


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