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2016/09/09 07:50 UTC

Winner Dignitas

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dignitas vs. GODSENT

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3:16 1 day ago



This is the decider for Group A, NiP won the group and HellRaisers are out, now it’s all between Godsent and dignitas, one of them will get eliminated and it’s quite obvious that Godsent should be favored here, they already beat dignitas in the first match and honestly the match was way more one sided than I would expect, it was mirage so I got a little worried since dignitas are usually very good on that map, but Godsent stomped them 16-3 and dignitas played like absolute shit. They played three more matches right after losing to Godsent and won all of them, 2-1 against Tengri, 2-0 against Gambit and 16-10 against HellRaisers, dignitas looked way better there.

Godsent is my pick here, I’m not that confident betting on them, especially after that terrible loss against Alternate in ELEAGUE qualifiers, they also got demolished by NiP yesterday, not to mention their match against FaZe in ESL One New York qualifiers, FaZe wrecked them too. Other than these three matches, Godsent looked very good, they beat mousesports, destroyed Heroic, dignitas and beat few weaker teams. I’m quite worried about Godsent after that loss against Alternate, never seen them being so inconsistent and I really don’t know how did such a legendary roster lose to a tier 3 team, kinda scared to bet on them right now to be honest.

So what I would do here is rather skipping to see how Godsent performs or place a small/medium bet on Godsent since the odds are not that bad and they already wrecked dignitas before. I’m going to give Godsent one more chance and go with the second option.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 35:65 Godsent

Is 4am for me and no chance I will be up for this game so forgive me for this one being short. I do think that this game favours Godsent, even if they did have a terrible day. I find it hard to believe they will be bad again tomorrow, and looking at their first game against dig, they completely dominated them. I do think dig have a chance to take a map and that would be a good bet but LOW on godsent for me here.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 40:60 Godsent


Gotta be supa quick here, match decides to start at 8 in the morning, 10/10. Ahm this is one that Godsent should be winning, they are the better team here however oh boy, if they show the same results as they did yesterday, losing to ATN, they are just in a whole lot of trouble. Dig is better than ATN I’d say, however they are struggling for form themselves right now, losing a map to Tangril, struggling vs Gambit and what not, however you don’t want to ever count out Dignitas. If this was a BO1 I’d probably go with Dig if the odds were good enough, but the fact that this is BO3 kinda makes it safer for Godsent. These two met recently and GS took it quite easily so that is that. You just can’t count out the likes of CajunB, Magiskboy and K0nfig, especially when you see the teams GS are struggling against, so be careful. I do think that GS will want to bounce back after yesterday, I do hope it was an off day because realistically they should not be losing vs ATN. 60-40 GS here


3% GS under 67%, otherwise 3% Dig

My odds = 60-40 GS

My risk = High

My bet = 3% GS under 67%, otherwise 3% Dig

My advice = Same as m ybet

My odds for this match: Dignitas 40:60 Godsent


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