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2016/06/11 15:15 UTC

Winner HR

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Dignitas vs. HR at ESL

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This match is definitely closer than the odds would suggest, dignitas clearly have some internal issues at the moment, I guess they still can’t get their stuff together after losing Kjaerbye, I still think cajunb is a great replacement and so far he’s doing a great job carrying them in every single match, but the other players also have to step it up, I’m quite disappointed with tenzki’s performance in the recent weeks, he’s on the bottom of the scoreboard way too often nowadays.

HellRaisers are bascially in the same situation as dignitas right now, their players need to step their game up as so far we’ve only seen oskar doing damage and the other players were pretty quiet so far, we also need to give them few more weeks to get everything sorted out, they signed bondik not too long ago and I believe he will fit the team but he just needs to get used to the new team and stuff and then we will most likely see on big events, possibly the upcoming major too if they play well on this qualifier.

As far as this qualifier goes, HellRaisers looked slightly better than dignitas, they won their first match against Splyce 16-9 on cobblestone which is Splyce’s best map by the way, the next match didn’t go too well for them, they lost 8-16 against Gamers2 and that was that one game where oskar was the only player to show up, he was the only one getting any kills. dignitas on the other hand, lost against FaZe pretty badly in the first match, their second match was against Empire on nuke, they looked really bad at the start and went 4-11 on the first half, luckily managed to come back and won the match 16-13.

This amtch is basically 50-50 and either team can take this, the current odds are very good for a small bet on HellRaisers and that’s what I’d suggest doing here.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 HR


Alrighty so this one is a tough one. I think that this is one of those that just unfortunately comes down to which star players show up on the day, will we continue to see CajunB carry with perhaps K0nfig adding something to the party or will Oskar and Bondik just tear Dignitas a new one, these are things you can’t really predict unfortunately, well you can’t but accurately? Eh. Ever since Kjaerbye left Dig they haven’t been looking too hot, can’t blame Cajun as he has been performing good, just the others need to start stepping up here. Dig nearly lost to Empire yesterday after going down 11-4 lol, however that was Nuke and results on Nuke you can only take with a pinch of salt, however it does kinda suggest that aim wise Dig are just not feeling it right now it seems. Head to heads obviously favor Dig a bit here, however those are with Kjaerbye and some without Bondik so that is that, take those with a pinch of salt really. Overall, for me this is about a 55-45 match in favor of Dignitas. I think that Dig has to be slightly favored here, however Hellraisers are more than capable of upsetting a team like Dignitas, especially in a BO1 scenario as Dig are one of the more streaky of teams.


3% Dig under 62%, otherwise 3% HR

My odds = 55-45 Dig

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Dig under 62%, otherwise 3% HR

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Dignitas 55:45 HR

Option 2Bet HR if odds 38% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Dignitas have been a bit misleading so far in my opinion. They played well against FaZe, but losing the pistol and losing some anti ecos ended up costing them badly, and then they had a really bad veto against Empire, and ending up on Nuke really proved to be a big issue for them. HR looked really poor against G2, their mid round decisions were incredibly bad, and although oskar had a lot of kills, he didn’t have THAT many impact kills. Which is often the case for him. I know as well from watching an old event, Pimp said that HR are mentally down when playing dignitas. They don’t feel confident and don’t feel they are going to win. This kind of mental block might explain why Dignitas are so heavily ahead in the head to heads between these two teams. I do think this could be a close one with both looking shaky, but I would have to favour dignitas for the reasons I said above.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 62:38 HR

Option 2Bet HR if odds 35% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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