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2016/06/15 22:30 UTC

Winner Dignitas
Team SoloMid

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Dignitas vs. TSM at ELeague

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The battle of the bots, that seems a bit harsh but this one is really hard to call. Dignitas, you have to say are the better team, but did they look good so far? No they did not. They looked awful. TSM have had a close game every game, but I still don’t think they are as good as Dignitas, so it is a close one to call. Mirage is one of the best maps for Dignitas, and it has been an ‘Okay’ map for TSM. They beat LG on it before in the ECS, which was a really impressive performance but seemed to be more of a one off, than anything else. I do believe Dignitas should wake up enough to take the first map, which will then make the odds perfect for a bet on TSM for D2, a map that Dignitas does not play at all. You can see Dignitas on the map right now, and we have seen them on it against RNG as well. I do feel TSM has a really good chance to split the series, and will personally SKIP the first game, and bet on TSM for the second, but only if they lose Mirage.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 Team SoloMid

Not much time left but I’ll be quick here so that’s fine, basically I’m pretty confident with dignitas, they just qualified for the upcoming ESL One Cologne major and even though they didn’t get any impressive results in the qualifier, they still beat teams that are arguably better than TSM, their match against TyLoo was also very impressive as it was a complete stomp, not the best results against FaZe and fnatic, but that’s fine.

TSM is one of the best North American teams right now, I said it many times and will keep saying that until Liquid and CLG get a stable lineup and won’t change their players at least once in a month, either way, TSM have been getting very impressive results against other North American teams, they won a lot of matches against CLG, OpTic and few other top NA teams, also had few very close maps against FaZe and fnatic, but still, they are playing without Twistzz who was their main fragger and probably the best player in the team, I also strongly believe that FaZe/fnatic underestimated them quite a lot and the games should have been way easier for them.

So basically dignitas are my favorites and I believe they will win, let’s bet on dignitas here and see how they perform, maybe we will also bet on them on the second map.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 Team SoloMid


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