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2015/08/17 17:30 UTC

Winner G4U


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G4U vs. GP @D!ngIT

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Hey everyone, how’s it going? Today’s prediction will be the first time ever predicting a match with a female team, so let’s see how it’ll go. These teams don’t play often, so it’s a treat to see them on the lounge.

Games 4 U (Female) (G4U)
G4U is one of the best female teams in the world of CSGO at the moment. Earlier this morning, was the grand finals for the NiP TV Female Challenge. G4U was in the grand finals in a BO5 with a 1 map advantage against Acer fe, where G4U pretty much plowed their opposition, winning 3-1 and only dropping Inferno, 13-16. This event was a quick, two week cup which offered $650 for the winners and $350 for the runner up.

Acer fe is another top female team, and the fact that G4U took a BO5 against them with relative ease means that G4U is on a higher level, and probably the best female team competing at the moment. They haven’t been really too active before this NiP TV event, which is why I’ll be taking most of the ‘recent matches’ from this event alone. They started this event off by skipping the first round, since they qualified for the female ESWC. Their first match was against melty fe, which is a French team. G4U won, 2-1 after losing the first map (Cache) and then took control for the rest of the series, and then went on to win Mirage and Dust 2. This was the only match they played in this event apart from the grand final. So it was a very easy event for them pretty much.

G4U played against a male team in late July, against the Portuguese AlienTech (ex-K1CK??) in a BO1. The map was Dust 2 and it ended 13-16 in favor of AlienTech. Overall, the G4U players sport a rating floating around 0.98-1.1 on HLTV, however most of this was against other female teams, which are inferior. Keep that in mind.

Like G4U, GamePub hasn’t really had the opportunity to compete in many leagues or events. I don’t have too much information on this lineup, and on record, they have played just two matches together under the name, GamePub.

This was actually this month for the Balkan SuperCup, which was a relatively small LAN which had just four teams playing in there. GamePub started the LAN off by scoring a 2-1 win against a team called ARMADA. They lost the first map, Train, 14-16 but managed to redeem themselves and win the next two maps, Cache and Dust 2 with convincing scorelines. This pretty much accelerated them to the grand finals, where they faced off against the ex-iNation for a chance at $500 and $1000 worth of PC gear. Unfortunately, GamePub was not able to win the LAN, and they lost, 1-2. Do keep in mind that the ‘Balkan Prodigy’, Niko was playing for ex-iNation, and for a small team like GamePub, getting a map off them is pretty good in itself. They didn’t go home empty handed though, as they did win the consolation prize of $250. That’s all I could find for this lineup with the GamePub name.

The contrast between male and female teams
G4U is one of the top female teams (arguably rivaled by the LGB female division), however I do consider them to be the best female team at the moment. Their ratings on HLTV are pretty good (averaging at 1.0), however they do go against inferior female teams for the most part, which pretty much boosts their ratings. Female teams and male teams rarely get the opportunity to go against each other, and it is pretty hard to make a judgement on how they will play against each other.

The female scene is lacking, and sure, G4U are the best female team at the moment, and GamePub are pretty much ‘nobodies’, but could the top females beat a random T3 male team? The last instance where I saw a situation like this occur, was very early in 2015, when Ubinited (best NA female team at the time, now CLG Red) went up against Noble, a nobody team at the time, with a different roster. This was a BO1, and a lot of people were expecting Ubnited to have a good shot at taking the map since they are the best female NA team, and these Noble guys are just low tier male players. Easy for Ubnited, right? Wrong. The match ended as 16-3 in favor of Noble.

This match can throw people off very easily, and I thought I would just write a prediction on it to warn people but to also give them some decent advice, I guess. It can get complicated and confusing, but hopefully I displayed my message in a clear enough way so you can understand it.

•Female VS Male team – the contrast
•No namer male team
•G4U just won the NiP TV Female Challenge a few hours ago

This match is very, VERY tough to call. We rarely see female teams against male teams. G4U has shown us that they are capable of dominating the EU female scene, but they also haven’t played matches against male teams in quite some time, to show us that they can also handle males. I would place my personal odds are 35-65 or even 40-60 and I’ll advise a skip on this match or for you to bet low and play the odds. Seriously though, this is a very risky match. Good luck if you decide to bet on this. I would also love to see you watch this match, since it will be pretty entertaining to see this ‘one of a kind’ match.

My odds for this match: G4U 40:60 GP

This is such a hard match to call in my eyes. At one hand we have a tier3 male team which played semi decently at a local LAN and on the other hand we have a tier1 female team.

One of the hard things to call in this match is how good will the male teams be, as you can see here:
and here

the players of the lineup, jordan,shev,dav1d1,hunter,juricM barely have any hours on steam in csgo, while the girls actually got decent hours.

I suggest skipping this match because this is just too much of a gamble and way to random to bet on, if you rly wanna bet on bet low on the girls here and pray to all gods you know that they will win this.

good luck !


My odds for this match: G4U 40:60 GP

Hard to call game here. We have on the one hand, one of the best girls teams, and on the other some lower tier males. I guess this match will be an indicator of just how good or bad female sides are.

Gamepub are a pretty unknown male team, and we have seen females playing males before and not doing SO bad. So you would like to think the ladies got a chance here, and if they were ever going to be favourites for a match on CSGL, this would be the game.

With the odds being fairly close, and we having to base it off what we know, which in reality is not that MUCH, the only logical thing you can do is go ICB on the ladies or SKIP.

My odds for this match: G4U 50:50 GP


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