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2015/08/17 20:00 UTC

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LGB vs. LDLC.White @Dreamhack

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Probably the top match today if you like betting on underdogs.

In my eyes the odds are fairly skewed here but we have to look on a few things first.

1.LGB with a new Lineup
– centryz -mystic + twist + zende
Overall quite a decent upgrade but they wont have much set strategies after 2 days of practice.

2.Some players of both teams dont have much hours
– Some of the LDLC players have arround 15-20 hours played last 2 weeks, but also zeves from LGB got only 10 hours, but he is the IGL and he not as important as twist and jkaem.
LDLC did not play since mid july anymore as a team.

3.LGB will have extra motivation
LGB will be extra motivated since they will feel like in honeymoon, even tough they wont have too high expectations from this first match probably they will be trying really hard to make this a good start. On the other hand LDLC.W had a long break here and they are always good for some upsets, i think after this long break they might see it as a fresh start.

My suggestion is betting small on LDLC here, High Risk, High Reward.

Best of luck all !

My odds for this match: LGB 60:40 LDLC.White

Interesting game here. We see the French side of LDLC vs the new roster of LGB. They are playing with zende and twist, which will add more fire power, but also less team work, as they have barely played together at all. They will still need time to work on their strategies, and I imagine they will be almost pugging the game tonight, to see how one another plays.

Moving onto the French side, they had a dip as of late, and have not played that much. When I saw them before, to1nou and matHEND pretty much carried them on their own, and it will take the rest of the 3 to step up if they are to make a game of this.

I would put the odds at around 65-35 in favour of LGB, so if LDLC stay at 24%, they would make for a good underdog bet. Remember, this is a really risky bet with a low chance of succeeding, so please don’t bet too high, and only bet what you aren’t afraid to lose.

My odds for this match: LGB 65:35 LDLC.White


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