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Game Show Spring

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2016/04/25 19:00 UTC


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E-Frag vs. Enso at Game Show Spring

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Enso are not a bad side, they showed against CW the other day they are not to be underestimated, and krii especially, seemed to have SOME skill we could say. E-frag as expected, lost a horrendous game yesterday they should not be losing and I don’t know if they lost it on purpose or not, but it was a strange game, and they should have won it all day long. Enso have not really shown a level that makes me believe they could take down a side such as E-frag, but with the way E-frag played yesterday, there is no way I am betting on them here. ICB on Enso if you can spare it, SKIP if you can’t.

My odds for this match: 70:30 Enso


So obviously we saw E-Frag get upset by NerdRage yesterday, however E-Frag had no Dreamer and you could argue he is their best player, so that is obviously a big miss. Also, Dreamer is playing here so that should be a good advantage for E-Frag here. This tournament does not put confidence into me, really small prize pool and sometimes with teams like E-Frag, they do not play to their max in tournaments they do not care about, which I mean is understandable completely, however sucks for us bettors. I don’t know, I just never have confidence betting on these tournaments that have 3k prize pool for first place, I don’t know, I can earn the same with 3 maxbets on Enso here. E-Frag have always been this team that you just do not know which one will show up, at times they can compete with some of the better teams in the world and at other times, well at other times they are losing  BO3 to NerdRage. Enso are not a terrible team, not by any means however they are not the greatest either. I actually do not know where I rate them at the moment, on paper the lineup does not impress me at all and in my head should not be doing nearly as well as they are, however they are pulling through so I mean, props to them I guess. The thing about Enso for me is that they are just like unreal at clutch situations, I’ve said this in a analysis before but holy moly, watch their games and like 4v2? no problem for them, 3v1? no problem for them, and they just always seem to win those and then the economy resets and what not and they always have the upper hand. They are definitely a bit sketch however I can be entirely wrong here. Overall, 75-25 in favor of E-Frag for me here, I would expect E-Frag to win here, however given their history of being shaky, the tournament being small and Enso being sketch, I’d just go low here at best.


5% E-Frag under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB Enso.

My odds = 75-25 E-Frag

My risk = High

My bet = 5% E-Frag under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB Enso

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: 75:25 Enso

Option 1Bet if odds 82% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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