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2016/08/20 23:00 UTC

Winner Echo Fox

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Echo Fox vs. Selfless

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Alrighty 2nd map between these two and we find ourselves on Mirage. Mirage is a good map for both teams, kinda. Thing is, historically Mirage is one of Sean’s weakest maps as a leader and I mean, even with EchoFox they don’t play it too much, however they have good results, but then inbetween those good results are some really horrendous ones like losing to Detonate and what not, so it’s a mixed feeling here. For Selfless it is a good map, historically it has also been good for them but of course, different roster here so who knows. This will be the 2nd time we see Brehze and No_one play, since obviously they are playing a map before this. I think that the addition of Brehze and No_one is good, however it’s not exactly like gonna push them top 5 NA or anything like that. This is a tough one overall, but I still EF should take it. I recommend watching the first one to see how the teams are performing. NA BO1, always gonna be a pain. 65-35 EF


5% EF under 72%, otherwise 2% Selfless

My odds = 65-35 EF

My risk = High

My bet = 5% EF under 72%, otherwise 2% Selfless

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 65:35 Selfless

Echo fox showed yesterday what I had said in my prediction. That D2 is the biggest upset map there is. Rhyme and reason seem to go out the window when it comes to this map and it is really hard for one side to dominate the other with superior skill or tactics as the amount of tactics on this map are some what limited. Saying that, Echo are pretty good on this map and showed that against Liquid and I would favour them to take this one. The second map, I feel is a lot closer and I believe the chances for Selfless to take this one to be higher than that of the first. Echo are not that amazing on Mirage, despite it being their original map they used to like, they clearly need to go back and work on it again. I will go on Selfless to get at least 12.5 rounds on the first map or SKIP, and LOW selfless for the 2nd map.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 55:45 Selfless

If there is one map Selfless can win against Echo Fox it’s definitely mirage, it used to be one of their best (if not THE best) maps for a long time and their recent results on it are pretty good with all those overtimes against Cloud9 and such, Selfless’ lineup is also way stronger than ever, adding Brehze and no_one was a really good decision and they will only get better from here. Selfless already had a couple of very impressive matches against NRG, Luminosity and Cloud9, so Echo Fox is definitely a team they can beat.

Echo Fox 2-0’d Liquid recently and that’s a pretty massive upset, I still think Liquid’s poor performance is due to vacation and not being able to practice with Pimp before the officials, but still props to Echo Fox for taking both maps, unfortunately they didn’t play that well against Luminosity on Starladder qualis, they lost 8-16 on cache and 10-16 on mirage and that’s a pretty big surprise considering that Echo Fox destroyed Luminosity few days earlier, either way, they seem to be in a great shape.

I’m not too confident with Selfless here but they have a good chance to win this match and the odds are bullshit, either go with a small bet on Selfless or skip, not worth betting on Echo Fox with those odds.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 50:50 Selfless


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