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Echo Fox


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2016/09/13 02:05 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid
Team SoloMid

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Echo Fox vs. Team SoloMid

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Ahm really tricky one here. I think that the teams are insanely even and you can argue that either team deserves to be the favorites here. I think that most will side with EchoFox seeing how TSM has recently lost Autimatic and their form has been appalling however you can not count TSM out. Historically matches between these two have always been very close ,especially their most recent encounter which was 16:14, 14:16 and then 16:9 for EchoFox. TSM have replaced Autimatic with Relyks and honestly that isn’t too shabby at all, Relyks is a decent player who has had a good start to his TSM career and on his day and be lethal. I think that TSM are, when performing somewhat stable are a more consistent team comparing to EchoFox. EchoFox to me are just so random and you never really know what to expect from them, TSM are a lot easier to read as a team and I prefer that a lot more. I’m seeing that TSM are the underdogs for most bookies and I think you have to capitalize on that, think that this will be a really close series and can go either way honestly, just depends on who shows up. TSM have a lot of young, raw skill players with insane potential like Twistz and Sick, if these two can show up alongisde Relyks per say, then I think that TSM will win, however if they are quiet, then rip. I think that individually TSM are the stronger team, Ryx and Roca are good of course, however in the grand scheme of things, TSM takes it for me on the individual skill level and well, strategically you aren’t really going to compete with Sean, although FNS and Semphis are a good duo to call, and Valens is instrumental for the TSM tactics too. Overall, I think that seeing the odds here, we are best off trying our luck and going with TSM to upset here. 50-50 match for me.


3% Underdog

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

Mybet = 3% Underdog

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 50:50 Team SoloMid

Damn, I kinda forgot about this match and there’s only around 50 minutes left so I’ll be quick here, basically I initially wanted to go with TSM since Echo Fox struggled lately and I always thought TSM were better than them overall, additionally we’ve got to see the maps before the match starts, it’s mirage, dust2 and cache which is probably the best map pool TSM could get, maybe cobble instead of dust2 would be better, but still, I’d actually favor TSM with these maps, especially the last two. These two teams actually played against each other around a week ago, Echo Fox won that match but it was extremely close, they won 16-14 on dust2, lost 14-16 on mirage and then took the last map 16-9, it was nuke which is Echo Fox’s best map and it was TSM’s fault not removing it, this time they did and we will most likely (in my opinion) see them taking this match, either way, a small bet on TSM won’t hurt.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 45:55 Team SoloMid

Pretty 50-50 game here which is really hard to call. I would say the TOP game of Echo to be a bit higher, but their consistency is the issue. The best way to describe it is like this. Echo when they are on their top form are a 5 but when they are off their game, and missing their shots, they are a 1. TSM are around a 3 all the time so are that steady number that will always do well. The last time these two played it was incredibly close, but with Relyks having only just joined then, obviously they were not playing as well as they could do. They had more time to play now and with TSM being underdogs, I will go LOW on them.

My odds for this match: Echo Fox 50:50 Team SoloMid


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