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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/07/19 22:06 UTC

Winner Ence
Space Soldiers

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Ence vs. SpaceS at Operation Kinguin

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I wasn’t sure about this match when the odds were closer to 50-50~ as I think this match is nothing more than a coin flip, but now the odds changed and it kinda helped me make my decision, so as I already mentioned I think that either team can win here so obviously I’ll be going with the underdog which is Space Soldiers in this case.

Space Soldiers are on fire right now, they are playing really well and their results are pretty impressive, they recently managed to beat Alternate, Iwku, Pride and Kinguin – all 2-0, obviously Space Soldiers had few weaker results too, they tied against Alternate and Kinguin, struggled against Epiphany Bolt and lost against MK but these teams are pretty good, the worst team Space Soldiers lost to were iNETKOXTV and that was a really surprising upset, however it was over a month ago and Space Soldiers seems to be way better now.

ENCE is one of the most inconsistent tier 2 teams and they used some weird special ways to get better like bootcamping in Olympic Training Centre or something like that, it was quite a while ago and ENCE bootcamped many times in general, nothing helped though and now it’s getting even worse as ENCE have surprisingly low amount of hours played in the last two weeks and their results are also not that great, ENCE got 2-0’d by Escape, lost against Team X, barely beat Kinguin, Epsilon and the only easy win for them was against Preparation as they beat them 16-5, so ENCE looked really shaky overall and they don’t seem to be that good right now, I mean they are still better than Space Soldiers as a team but I don’t really feel safe betting on ENCE even against weaker teams.

Space Soldiers is an obvious pick here, not sure why their odds dropped so much but it’s even better for us I guess, small bet on Space Soldiers is what I suggest here, just keep in mind that it’s still 50-50 and either team can take this match.

My odds for this match: Ence 55:45 Space Soldiers

Another game that could potentially go either way. I would say on paper Ence are the better side but they are soo inconsistent it amazes me. They have some really good players, but none of them can go two games with hitting their shots. They managed to beat Epsilon which is impressive but then lost to Escape and ex-SK. Looking at the SS guys, they have improved steadily over a long period of time, where they are now considered more than just the XANTARES show. Their recent results are good too. 2-0 win over Kinguin, 1-1 with ATN, 2-0 Pride, 2-0 iwku, 2-0 ATN. They will come into this game full of confidence and although the Ence guys can raise their game to a level above the SS guys, you can’t really bet on them doing so. LOW on SS at these current odds for me.

My odds for this match: Ence 55:45 Space Soldiers

Option 1Bet Ence if odds 52% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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