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2015/08/23 11:45 UTC

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Team SoloMid


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EnVyUs vs. TSM @ESL

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The first semi final, and it could be a reaaaallly close one. Bot sides have had their moments, and I fully expect this game to go all 3 maps.

Starting with Envy, they have looked a bit up and down so far. They should of lost to LG, they could of lost to Navi, they still do the same crazy force buys and they take aggression to a whole other level. Against Navi, I honestly thought they were falling apart, they were losing heavily on both maps, but found that little extra, and just over ran their opponents. I am not entirely sure if the same yolo style will work against TSM, and this is perhaps why I favour the Danes a little bit.

They for me have the most diverse line-up out of anyone. Three of them can AWP, multiple of them can entry frag, they have one of if not the best B players on Mirage in Xyp9x. They are a complete team, and when they are on it, they are a force to be reckoned with and are arguably the best team in the world. They had a couple of dodgy events, but have looked strong throughout this one, and want revenge so bad over the French side of Envy. Karrigan being half German will be pumping the crowd up, and that might be the extra bit they need to take down Envy.

Honestly, on paper this is a really close game. Envy have a very good record against TSM, I just feel with their roster being still new, and they still not having everything down, if they cannot roll over TSM, they will struggle and perhaps lose. Looking at the odds on CSGL, they slightly favour Envy, which for me makes TSM a good bet in this incredibly close game.

Betting on either team is a good bet, so please go with your gut, and let’s look forward to a cracker.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 50:50 Team SoloMid

I seriously have no clue what is going to happen here 😀
The most will depend on the daily form from both of the teams. TSM got better tactics while envy got slightly more skill overall.
This match is just as 50/50 as it can be in my eyes.

Maps i expect in the veto:
TSM: Cobble
ENVY: Overpass

Maps i expect to be picked:
TSM: D2/Mirage
ENVY: Inferno

I picked TSM cause just cause they have lower odds, but this is a super high risk bet. I just wanna enjoy the match.

Best of luck all !

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 50:50 Team SoloMid


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