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2016/07/02 04:00 UTC

Winner EnVyUs

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EnVyUs vs. VP at ELeague

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Damn this match is freaking hard to predict as both teams were in a massive slump and struggled for quite a long time, however I’ve been keeping an eye on ENVYUS lately and it seems like they are already out of that slump, they played very well on the qualifier for ESL One Cologne where they beat Immortals, Cloud9, Splycen and lost to Gambit, but I believe they were trying out new stuff on that cobble match and I believe they would beat Gambit easily if they wanted to, ENVYUS actually showed it on ELEAGUE, so far they went 5-1 in the group stage beating Gambit and compLexity 2-0 while going 1-1 against, also 2-0’d compLexity again later in the playoffs. didn’t look that well, their slump was even worse than NV’s as VP even dropped to ESEA Premier and then decided not to play on this season of ESEA, ELEAGUE also didn’t go too well for them so far, first match was a very convincing 2-0 over compLexity, then they went 1-1 against ENVYUS and honestly it should have been a 2-0 for the frenchies as barely won 19-16 on mirage, then they also tied against Gambit where VP managed to win train but got smashed on nuke. also faced Gambit in playoffs and straight up demolished them with a 16-6 score on both maps.

I really feel like ENVYUS will take it, they already beat on some of their best maps and performed better lately so I’d go with a low bet on them here, it’s still extremely risky and either team could take it, but I have a strong feeling that ENVYUS will come out on top.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 50:50 VP

So really hard to call game between two really even sides here. I guess the only thing to do is to look at the maps. Starting with train, it is a map that heavily favours VP. I would even call this a 65-35/60-40 in their favour map. It is one of the best maps for Taz, his clutches are really impressive on it. It is also a really good map for Snax, and a really good map for Pasha, which makes this a really good map in general for them. It is not bad for Envy, but not the best. The second map, favours Envy a bit, but not a crazy amount. 60-40 again MAX for Envy, perhaps even closer to 55-45. The last map is Cobble, which both have good and bad results on. I would personally favour Envy slightly, but this really is a 50-50 map overall. Looking at these odds, it then makes this a 52-48% game for VP, highlighting just how close this game should be. I will purely play the odds and hope we get the right one.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 48:52 VP

Option 1Bet VP if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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