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2016/11/06 08:40 UTC

Winner Epsilon
Space Soldiers

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Epsilon vs. Space Soldiers CS:GO

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Thinking about this match is a hard one. Epsilon on paper, I would say have the higher skill ceilinged players, but teamwork etc is heavily on the favour of SS. So it is really a question of teamwork vs skill. Also the map veto is important. Epsilon usually veto around their opponent and have vetoed a lot of different maps recently. As for SS, they usually remove Overpass. If I was Epsilon, I would probably remove Cobble, as it is the best map for SS and the Epsilon boys are kinda hit or miss on it. Overall though, with Epsilon using a stand-in and 0 practice, I would favour SS a tiny bit here, but this game could go either way.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 45:55 Space Soldiers

This is the first round of the losers bracket and once again we have a very close match between two decent teams, the loser of this match will get eliminated, while the winner will face Godsent for a spot on the major qualifier. I think Space Soldiers should be the favorites coming into this match, they were looking better lately, not necessarily on this event as they just won two matches on cobble and that’s basically it, but overall they looked better.

Epsilon also won their group, they stomped ENCE and beat Heroic in multiple overtimes, their first opponents in playoffs were GODSENT and Epsilon should have won that match, it was one of the closest matches I’ve seen in a while, Godsent won 16-14 on train, Espilon took cache 21-16 and then Epsilon basically threw the game on mirage, they had a 13-2 lead on CT side and lost the map 17-21 in overtime. Epsilon also looked quite bad before this event, they did have disco doplan back then and still somehow managed get 2-0’d by Kinguin and Platinium, not too good.

So, Epsilon performed a bit better on this event, but overall Space Soldiers did better lately, the tricky part is also the fact that Epsilon’s map pool could be better here, but I believe in Space Soldiers and I would give them an edge here, it’s basically 50/50 though.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 48:52 Space Soldiers


Alrighty, so Epsilon will be playing SpaceSoldiers. Epsilon recently lost Disco Doplan and are coming into this tournament with no practice with Kalle so my expectations for them here aren’t the greatest but they have looked quite good with having beaten Heroic and having a close match with Godsent. Kalle is a good player but by no means is he a Disco Doplan level player. Here it mostly depends if Draken will show up or not because right now he is definitely the star player. SpaceSoldiers have good teamwork since they have been together for so long, but then again so has the core of Epsilon kinda….it mostly, to be honest just depends on if Vactares shows up on the day or no lol….let’s be real, well kinda. Despe and Paz are pretty nutty players too but meh, not quite on the standard here. With SpaceSoldiers you never really know, it could just depend on which Xantares we see here, will it be semi-hot, cold or just super insane on form which we see so often. This really can go either way but I will favor it to SS a slight bit here since I think they are in a slightly better position coming into this, plus their map pool. Overall, 55-45 SS, super risky so be careful


3% SS under 62% otherwise 3% Epsilon

My odds = 55-45 SS

My risk = High

My bet = 3% SS under 62% otherwise 3% Epsilon

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Epsilon 45:55 Space Soldiers


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