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2015/08/20 19:30 UTC

Winner Cloud9


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Cloud9 vs. mouz @ESL

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Cloud 9
Cloud 9 have been absolutely stunning in their past few LANs. Ever since Skadoodle and Freakzoid have joined, something has just clicked, and now, they’re performing better than ever. Cloud 9 are very motivated, and winning a major would be a HUGE success for them (like for any other team).

Ever since qualifying for a spot in Cologne through the NA qualifier, Cloud 9 have gone completely quiet in terms of playing any further official matches. Cloud 9 had a flawless LAN at the qualifiers, flying through the group stage, defeating Liquid and Noble. From there, they made the quarterfinals (you just need to win this in order to qualify, so essentially, it’s the finals but with 4 teams), where Cloud 9 beat Elevate, 2-0 and also with relative ease. Cloud 9 and CLG will represent NA at Cologne.

When I say Cloud 9 have not participated in many things since qualifying, I mean it. Their ESEA page shows them not even playing any scrims recently. I have pretty big expectations for Cloud 9, and I think they’ll get pretty far in this major.

Mouz have also been looking pretty good. 3/5 the lineup are from Penta, and the lineup as a whole is looking pretty solid. My top thee players for the team are ChrisJ, nex and Gob B. ChrisJ is an extremely talented player, who is the AWPer for the team. Nex is a solid player as well, and he has his moments where he just goes absolutely nuts. Hopefully we can see him work some of his magic in his games. Gob B is the IGL for this team, and he is a very smart man, but also has a great personality. Not that it has much to do with the gameplay, but he is a very funny and light hearted fellow.

Unlike Cloud 9, Mouz have been very active recently. This month, they have participated in two LANs. The first LAN, APM, Mouz made it to the grand finals, where they had a 1 map advantage, but lost in the end, which was a gruelling BO7, which actually went to the 7th map. Their second LAN, IEM Gamescon proved to be more or less a failure for Mouz, however this was a light hearted LAN and it was more of a ‘game show’ styled LAN, where teams had lives and what not. The whole LAN was just BO1, except for the finals, and Mouz only managed to rack up two wins before getting eliminated. They won against the Renegades and EnvyUs, which went into OT. They had 4 losses, which sent them home. EnvyUs pretty much bullied Mouz, winning over Mouz 3 times and TSM winning against them once.

More or less recently, Mouz 2-0’d Penta in the ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2015. I don’t have too much information on this, and I don’t even know if it’s a LAN or an online event, however it did have some ties to ESL – so it probably was something important. There were 4 German teams playing, and Mouz made it to the finals easy, where they won, 2-0 and only let a total of 8 round go across the span of two maps. In other words, Mouz completely wiped Penta out. Mouz’s most recent game was against Kinguin in the PGL EU Season 1 Qualifiers. Mouz lost the BO5, 0-3 and only really got a good chunk of rounds on Train, which they did lose, 13-16. It just didn’t look too great for them.

•First match of the LAN for both teams – we don’t know their current form.
•Lack of C9 games
•Two very talented IGL’s
•Two very talented teams

Both of these teams are incredibly skilled, but I would have to give the slightest advantage to Cloud 9. Mouz have played a handful of games which SGares could work off on, whilst Cloud 9 have only played a few games, which were against NA teams. Mouz don’t have too much to work off on, but they could still have a good chance of winning. My personal odds are 55-45, and if the current odds stay where they are (65-35), I’ll be placing a low bet on Mouz. Either way, I’m coming out of this match happy. If Cloud 9 wins, I’ll be happy for them since they deserve to get far into this LAN, considering the amount of work the whole team has put in the past few months. If Mouz wins, I’ll also be happy since I get some winnings as well as seeing them go through.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 55:45 mousesports


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