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2015/08/20 14:00 UTC

Winner NiP


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NiP vs. CLG @ESL

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This is pretty much a must win for NiP. Iam pretty sure this Major is their last chance to proof as a lineup, if they fail here they will most likely make changes.
A lot of pro teams said when they practiced against NiP they looked really strong so i guess that shows how serious they will take it.

On the other hand you can not really count out CLG, anybody that remembers CLG vs Fnatic will know that a lot of skins were lost this day 😀

Still i believe if NiP will take them serious there should be no problem for them winning this, just because overall they are 1 level ahead of them when it comes to skill.


good luck !

My odds for this match: NiP 70:30 CLG

after a 1 month break and a relatively successful bootcamp NiP will return to the cologne stage tomorrow. with one of the favorite teams TSM in their group they can’t afford to make a single mistake like dropping a map to an underdog like CLG. NiP will be prepared and i expect to see cache or mirage again. CLG is a really decent team that shines when it comes to those bo1 opener matches (16-14 vs ldlc, 16-12 vs fnatic), so don’t bet over your limit here, but expect the ninjas to be on point.

My odds for this match: NiP 80:20 CLG

NiP are known to start off tournaments slow in the group stages, but I don’t really think they’ll do that here. They’ve gotten better at doing badly in the group stages lately. With that being said, NiP should be able to win this. They’ve definitely been shaky lately, lossing to teams they shouldn’t have, but I still think they’ll be able to pull off a win against CLG. Even if they aren’t on their game as they haven’t been recently, they are still a much better team than CLG. NiP have played CLG before on Mirage, and even though NiP aren’t too great on Mirage they took the win 16-7. CLG had a disappointing performance at IEM Gamescon, and I don’t think they’ll be able to do any better here.

The odds are a little high for betting however, and I suggest that if you’re going to max bet on a high odds game tomorrow you choose a different match.

My odds for this match: NiP 80:20 CLG


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