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2015/08/22 18:32 UTC

Winner VP


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VP vs. NiP @ESL

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This game is going to be an absolutely shocker to predict. Both of these teams are good teams, and both also have their downsides. Just to get this out of the way, you should play the odds with this match. If it’s a 50-50, it would make a bit of sense to chuck some skins on the underdog, since it gives you a better reward. This is just what I’m thinking, and when it comes down to matches like these, please do trust your gut feeling.

Virtus Pro is another team which has been ‘fast tracked’ and they completely skipped today’s elimination matches. Virtus Pro arguably had an easy group, with both of their BO1’s being on Cobblestone. Their first match was against Immunity, where they won 16-8 and it was relatively easy. Their second match was against Cloud 9, where the score also ended up at 16-8. Virtus Pro are a decent Cobblestone team, and the map is not one which they particularly train on 24/7.  Prior to attending this LAN, Virtus Pro attended the CEVO-P S7 LAN, and on the 27th of July, they won it, 3-1 against Na’vi. Virtus Pro is definitely looking up and performing better than they did a few months ago.

NiP is a fan favorite team, and for a very long time, they were the best CSGO team until Fnatic took over. This LAN, NiP played three matches. Their group stage ended at 1-1, and just today, they won their elimination match and now now they’re sitting here in the quarter finals. To start this major off, NiP had an extremely close shave against CLG on Dust 2,  however NiP did end up winning, 16-13. Their second group stage match was against TSM, who is a big rival to them. NiP got absolutely pummeled on Cache, where they got 3 rounds before losing. 3-16, not looking too great. Because their lost that match against TSM, they were sent to the elimination matches, which they did today. Their match was against the Renegades on Inferno, and they definitely showed the Australians what a Swedish beat down is, as they won 16-5 in a very relax/crusiy fashion.

VP had a fairly easy group stage, both on Cobblestone while NiP had a close shave with CLG, before being trashed by TSM, only to redeem themselves a few hours ago, by beating out the Renegades. This match will be a pretty big pain in the ass, but the map pool is what will decide the outcome for this series. Also the way some of the players on each of the teams play. The slacker for VP is PashaBiceps. I noticed that he really wasn’t performing to the best of his ability in his group stage matches. I know that he can definitely do better, so if he can lift his game like he lifts the weights at the gym, VP have a great shot at winning this. As for NiP, I would say that allu is the key to winning for NiP. Allu can perform very well or horribly. If NiP want to win this, allu is going to need to land his AWP shots or NiP can kiss their dreams good bye.

Play the odds here. I’m personally going low on NiP, but I’m really not sure at the moment here. I can’t stress to you how risky this is. Just to remind you again, it’s games like these where you need to trust your gut feeling.

My odds for this match: VP 50:50 NiP

I think together with Fnatic, VP looked to the strongest so far from their 2 matches and NiP looked very very shaky.
Hard win – hard skins against CLG, and a bash against renegades on the best map for NiP in the matchup. And dont forget the bash against TSM.

If you look on the form of the players its also up and downs, forest and xizt looked overall good  but gtr allu and friberg all looked shaky.
VP looked overall super solid in the first 2 games. NEO is not close to his 1.6 form but he seems to be getting there.

Both teams have a rly wide map pool but i think VP is nearly on every map slightly ahead. But i think this matchup is probably the best one that could have happend to NiP. Dont think they would have stood a chance against teams like TSM, Fnatic and envy.

Risky bet but i think VP will take this one.

Good luck have fun =)

My odds for this match: VP 60:40 NiP


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