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2016/10/05 00:10 UTC

Winner Splyce

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eUnited vs. SPLYCE

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First map between these two will be Train followed by Mirage. Honestly this is a really tricky one to call here. Given the fact that this is back to back BO1’s just makes it a lot harder. Straight off the bat, I think that Splyce on paper are the better team here and should be winning, however result wise they are looking shocking. Of course you can make the argument that they’ve added 3 people outside the US to the team and of course it takes time to settle in and learn English in the case of Machinegun and what not, so understandable, but still disappointing, and the chemistry aspect and understanding is a factor that eUnited has an advantage over Splyce in. You could say EUnited are getting better results, however both are doing shocking so it is a case of which is less worse, so eh. I think that Eunited are pretty garbage to be honest lol. eUnited are a lot of mediocre players put together and nothing about the team really stands out. I expect them to be relegated back to Premier but then again Splyce are lower in the standings right now so that’s a lol. Splyce I think has potential, not insane or anything however they have good players in the team who in my opinion are better and if show up should be able to win this. Crucial and Machinegun, the two main fraggers in the team have been struggling hard since arriving, so if they finally start stepping up I think Splyce can dig themselves out of the hole they are in and of course they have Davey who can be insane at times. I just don’t think that eUnited has the same fragging power, but then again doesn’t mean for much if the fragging power just isn’t performing. Both teams have shown glimpses here and there, but I will favor Splyce slightly on both maps. It is a double BO1 so super risky so only go low here. 60-40 Splyce


3% Splyce here under 67%, otherwise 3% eUnited

My odds = 60-40 Splyce

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Splyce here under 67%, otherwise 3% eUnited

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: eUnited 40:60 Splyce

I’m not a big fan of this match and these two teams in particular, but this is train and Splyce have been trying to pick this map ever since they formed this time, seems like this is one of their best maps and they feel very comfortable on it, despite train being one of their better maps, Splyce didn’t look that great on it, in fact the only team they beat was subtLe and Splyce barely won 16-14, other than that, they also lost to Selfless, SK Gaming, Cloud9 and Immortals, some of those maps were very close though.

eUnited played only two matches on train, they got wrecked by SK Gaming and actually had a very close match against CLG which they lost 14-16, not that being close to beating CLG is any impressive, but eUnited is a terrible team and they always lose their matches, they are currently on a 10 map loss streak, so seeing them almost winning a map is pretty rare, I’m fairly confident that eUnited’s loss streak will continue today.

Splyce are not only better than eUnited but I also feel like their fragging power is superior compared to the other side, so a small bet on Splyce is what I would suggest here.

My odds for this match: eUnited 40:60 Splyce

Simply put, the eUnited boys in the games I’ve seen on Train, are really lacking a lot, and I mean a lot. They seem to be missing some of the simple concepts of how the map is to be played and unless they have seriously worked on this map, I find it hard to see how hey take this. I do think the 2nd map Mirage could be closer. We have seen the eUnited boys look good on this map in places, but the Splyce boys have been training hard and they are a team that wants to improve and reach a higher stage. If they want to be achieving that, they need to be winning games like this. LOW on Splyce for both maps.

My odds for this match: eUnited 40:60 Splyce


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