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2017/12/06 11:00 UTC

Winner FaZe

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FaZe vs. Astralis CS:GO

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Neither side really looked convincing at all yesterday to be honest. FaZe lost to fnatic in their opening game before only just beating Liquid and honestly they should have lost this one too. Astralis had a bad loss against Liquid, and were lucky to get it to overtime, before having a poor first half against LG and then totally crushing them. Both teams need this win and it should be a really close game. FaZe need to wake up today and show everyone why they are one of the best teams in the world, and astralis with rubino will just want to do as well as they can. Thinking about maps, they could potentially be a number of them. We won’t be seeing Cobble or Cache. I also think if you look at the maps astralis played so far, they were Train and Mirage, so these are the two maps they have been practicing with Rubino, or at least some of them, so perhaps we will see one of them. FaZe should really be winning this one.

My odds for this match: FaZe 60:40 Astralis

Tipster Analysis

Diesiu'Follow 1789th 27 -5.08 -1% Rep: 0

My tip: FaZe 20

Hello. Just a second day comes and we have such an interesting match-up.

Let's start with ranking leaders. Faze did not impress that much yesterday, they made some mistake that should not have been made. They were a bit chaotic in most of rounds but when they started playing how they usually do they started getting round after round. Slow start better endings. They did not show us they potential and I believe we will see that today.

And their opposition Astralis, a team who want to get back on 1st ranking place. They as well did not impress yesterday. Very awfull start vs liquid, then a comeback to choke it. I did not like at all how they play.

To sum up: In they way of in-form, both teams did not show what they have yesterday. I felt like they were cold handed.
Skill wisely : I like a lot better faze players over Astralis. Astralis usually makes up with their teamplay strats, but without device they wont show their full potential. They will miss him in this match-up.

Pick : Max bet Faze because I like those odds and favour them
70-30 in this game, because of how bad early start Astralis had on day 1

BeatdownFollow 3179th 227 -48.12 -3.1% Rep: 1

My tip: Astralis 2

One of the more interesting matches especially right in the beginning of the night. In the past 3 months, they have gone head to head 8 times with Faze leading 5-3. The most likely mappool will probably consist of: Mirage, Inferno or Overpass and even then they have been for the most part split down the middle even if you separate maps.

If it's Inferno i'll suggest going with Faze, otherwise pick Astralis and make sure you:

1.GO VERY LOW and i mean like 1% or less
2.Wait till the map is picked before placing this bet specifically

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