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2016/12/15 17:15 UTC

Winner FaZe

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FaZe vs. Cloud9 CS:GO

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These teams meet on every single event they attend, I think we can already call it a classic matchup as this is the third event in a row where they play against each other. The matches between FaZe and Cloud9 always seem to be very close, 19-17 twice, 16-14, 22-20, pretty close all the time, FaZe have been winning most of those matches lately, on top of that, Cloud9 are on a downhill, ever since they won ESL Pro League Finals, they’ve been getting worse and worse every week.

Looking at the recent results, FaZe didn’t necessarily look better than Cloud9, they did beat teams like, NiP and Gamers2, but also kept losing to OpTic, Astralis and few others. Cloud9 had a lot of bad matches in the recent weeks, lost to Renegades, got demolished by Gambit, OpTic, FaZe, Immortals and many more, another advantage FaZe have over them is their map pool, I strongly believe that maps like cache, dust2, overpass and mirage should be slightly better for FaZe, while Cloud9 should be favored on train and cobblestone.

That being said, FaZe is my pick once again, not too confident as it’s always close, but I’d say FaZe should have a 55-45 advantage here, worth a small bet for sure.

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 Cloud9


Yet another super close matchup here but I mean that’s what you should be expecting in a Major qualifier right? 😀 I think that FaZe should be favored here straight off the bat, FaZe simply put are looking like the better team at the moment both form wise and head to head between these two. These two have been facing each other so often in recent times and it’s always been close however the last few times have landed in favor of FaZe and I expect that to continue here. C9 just have not been performing well enough which is surprising seeing how not so long ago all of their players were on super good form, especially Automattic but seem to have cooled off now. Both of these teams simply have so many insane playmakers that can single handily win you matches, especially BO1’s like this which makes this super difficult to call. I do expect a very close game here, they always are between these two so perhaps a bet of Cloud9 +2.5 is a good option here seeing that it gives you 2.0 odds. Overall, not a great match to bet on by any means, however I expect FaZe to sneak by here. 55-45 FaZe


3% FaZe under 62% otherwise 3% C9 OR C9 +2.5 rounds handicap

My odds = 55-45 FaZe

My risk = High

My advice = 3% FaZe under 62% otherwise 3% C9 OR C9 +2.5 rounds handicap

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 Cloud9

C9 look like a team who people have worked out now and they really need to reinvent their strats. Nothing said they could have taken peacemaker or zews but stewie wants to be the one who does the strats and I think this was a big mistake. C9 have been on the slide at all their recent events and will needed to have worked hard the last few days to take this game. FaZe looked poor in their last game too but BO1’s they are usually pretty strong in. I can see this game being a really close one, but I have to favour FaZe slightly, but of course pistols will be massive.

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 Cloud9


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