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2016/05/04 18:10 UTC

Winner FaZe

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FaZe vs. G2 at ECS

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It seems like FaZe have at least one match every single day on csgolounge, this time they are facing Gamers2 who are quite inconsistent and it’s always scary to bet on their matches, recently they destroyed Na`Vi 16-3 on overpass, beat NiP 16-13 on cobble, lost a couple of matches against NiP, Na’Vi, GODSENT and CLG, not the best results besides the two wins of course.

FaZe are playing better than they ever did with kioShima, they destroyed ENVYUS in two separate best of one’s, beat fnatic like five times, dignitas, FlipSid3 and VirtusPro, the only bad match they had was a best of three against mousesports, they got absolutely wrecked on cache and lost on inferno although this one was way closer, still, FaZe are on fire right now.

FaZe should definitely be favored in this matchup, everything will come down to the map vetos but it’s still like 60-40 for FaZe and I’d rather go with them, I don’t trust shox’s calling and it seems like FaZe is way more consistent than G2.

My odds for this match: FaZe 60:40 G2

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Alrighty so a BO3 between these two should be quite interesting. It’s a BO3 ECS so both teams should definitely be taking this seriously. Head to head’s between these two are always close, however edge out towards G2 a bit, however different rosters and what not so that is that. Form wise alone I’d favor FaZe here a bit, they were really slumping at the start of the year, however they picked up Kio and have seem to have completely swapped around their fortunes, they aren’t looking amazing or unstoppable or anything like that, however they definitely do look better than they did, and it’s encouraging signs for them. G2 we haven’t seen much of since they returned from Malmo, however when we did see them it was versus NiP, Na’Vi and Astralis, 1-1 splits with NiP and Na’Vi, 2-0 loss vs Astralis. Apparently Bodyy put up a picture of an empty Captain Morgan together with Smithzz at very late hours, now I didn’t see it and it’s deleted now however something to keep in mind, how much are their minds in the game coming into this. Overall not the greatest of matches to bet on at all, kinda expect FaZe to win however when G2 are feeling it, Shox and ScreaM going off with the rest of the team not slacking, they seriously become very deadly and are able to challenge tier 1 teams out there. 60-40 FaZe.


3% FaZe umder 66%, otherwise 3% G2

My odds = 60-40 FaZe

My risk = High

My bet = 3% FaZe umder 66%, otherwise 3% G2

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FaZe 60:40 G2

Option 2Bet G2 if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Tough one to call to be honest. Two sides that can look decent one game, and then poor the next. You would have to say on paper, FaZe has more fire power, and have for the most part, looked better recently. G2 played against astralis recently, and started off well on D2. The first map should have gone their way, but they make so many mistakes at times, it is insane. The other issue they have is smithzz is only really able to compete against other top AWPs on D2. On every other map he struggles against even sub par AWPs and this is a big issue. The issue I have with FaZe as well is their performance against mouz. How they played the first map was embarrassing, and just when I thought they were finding some form, they performed like that. They also somehow lost inferno to a mouz side that never really plays it nor has ever been good at it.

Overall this is a game of who is going to be the least bad, but with the fire power in the FaZe boys being scary, I would suggest a LOW bet on them at these odds.

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 G2

Option 2Bet G2 if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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