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2016/09/13 17:00 UTC

Winner mousesports

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FaZe vs. Mousesports

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Hard to call game here between two sides in different places right now. FaZe just returning home from a poor performance at starseries. They really will be disappointed they lost to Fside, a team that is a lot weaker than them. They will be tired, and demotivated perhaps and won’t have had enough time to really work on their mistakes. Mouz have been at a boot camp, practising hard and will come into this game feeling fresh and ready and should hopefully be organised and prepared. This should also make their strongest map even stronger. D2 then Mirage today. I really favour mouz on d2, but Mirage could be a lot closer. For now, I will call LOW mouz D2, and LOW FaZe for Mirage, but I may edit the second one depending on how the first game looks.

My odds for this match: FaZe 45:55 mousesports



Ok listen up boys change of plan. Mouz are a bit stooopid and just let go off their coach so now they are without a coach, obviously. Now they still can easily win however like Moses pointed out on Twitter, Mouz were struggling without him, picking him up and did well and now he is gone…like ???????. Eitherway, not sure what is going on in the Mouz camp, and I am not confident in anyone in that team calling so lets just go with FaZe instead. 

First map of the day between these two and we find ourselves on Dust2. Dust2 is of course the notorious upset map of CSGO so you gotta be really careful here. Both teams of course know how to play it and what not. I will edge this to Mouz due to the fact that they have been putting in a lot of work and a whole bunch of hours the past 2 weeks into CSGO while FaZe have good hours too, but they just haven’t been convincing. Not that Mouz has been convincing, they nearly lost to Penta the other day however German vs German affairs tend to be really close. Also last time these two played Dust2 it was a 16:3 for Mouz, however 3 months ago and both teams have had roster changes since then so take it with a pinch of salt. This I really do think will just be about who turns up on the day, for me FaZe, individually at least are the better team, however given the current circumstances I’m going to lean with Mouz a bit. Both of these teams work around individual performances more than anything, so it will be close I believe and just depends who shows up on the day. 55-45 Mouz here


My odds = 55-45 FaZe

My risk = High

My bet = 3% FaZe under 62%, otherwise 3% Mouz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 mousesports

mousesports played lots of CS:GO recently, all of their players have played around 80-100 hours in the past two weeks and that’s almost twice as much as FaZe did, obviously it doesn’t matter as much as some people think, but there’s a difference for sure, on top of that FaZe lost to FlipSid3 recently and that’s pretty embarassing, I mean FlipSid3 went 1-20 in maps and then randomly upset FaZe like that, doesn’t really make any sense for me given that FaZe played extremely well before that match.

mousesports didn’t look nearly as good as FaZe in my opinion, they struggled against dignitas multiple times, still managed to win 4 out of 5 maps though, also lost to fnatic, NiP, FaZe and Godsent, tied against Gamers2 and won two matches against Gambit and PENTA, additionally mousesports released kassad (their coach) and it could change a lot, I really don’t know what to expect from mousesports today.

So the first map is dust2 and then it’s mirage, these maps are great for both teams, but as I already mentioned, FaZe looked better than mousesports and actually 2-0’d them quite convincingly in the previous encounter, not having a coach might hurt them too, so I actually feel like FaZe should be favored on both maps and I’d go with a small bet on them twice, that loss against FlipSid3 makes me a bit scared but I’m gonna stick to my initial bet, going with FaZe twice.

My odds for this match: FaZe 55:45 mousesports


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