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2016/09/09 10:15 UTC

Winner FaZe

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FlipSid3 vs. FaZe

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FlipSid3’s current form is a joke, out of the last 20 maps FlipSid3 managed to win one… ONE map out of twenty, that’s just ridiculous, sure FlipSid3 played mostly against top teams like ENVYUS, Na’Vi, Astralis and stuff, but they also got wrecked by Alternate, dignitas and Renegades, either way, doesn’t matter what teams they played against, winning one map out of twenty is already a good reason to keep betting against FlipSid3 until they get good again.

FaZe is probably the hardest opponent FlipSid3 could get here, FaZe rely on their players and mostly go for the individual plays, and I’m affraid that FlipSid3 won’t be able to win the aim duels right now, they are not only playing bad as a team but also seem to be very inconsistent individually, on top of that FaZe are doing great right now and they arleady played against FlipSid3 a week ago, they won 16-2 so you be the judge here.

I’m pretty sure FaZe will take it, not crazy enough to place any high bets on them, but a medium bet seems fine and that’s what I’d go for.

My odds for this match: FSid3 80:20 FaZe


You can’t really count out Flipsid3 here, but then again, CadiaN pointed out on Twitter yesterday how F3 are 1-20 in maps and that is just lol. Fair enough F3 are coming up against some decent teams, however you’d still expect them to do better ,especially since we know they are capable of at least getting a map off these sort of teams. I do think F3 needs an overhaul, and it’s been long due. Think it is public knowledge that the F3 guys don’t really put in that much effort into the game and are content with where they are at, that is bad. They need more fragging power and I just feel like they are wasting their talent like this, especially Worldedit, good player but just meh, needs a better team. I have a feeling that Zeus might end up joining F3, however if he does I hope he replaces Waylander, and then a good fragger replaces Shara, adding Zeus to Waylander and Shara just adds too many passive players which I think is an aspect F3 struggles the most in, fragging, especially after Bondik left. FaZe are a team that can frag, and all of their players can frag, if you exclude yesterday’s match vs G2 lol where it was the Allu and Rain show. This will be tough for F3 and while they probably can tactically outplay FaZe, I do not think that righ tnow F3 are committed enough and are going to bother out playing FaZe, probably just will be a run over like it has been in recent history for FaZe. Allu has settled in nicely which is a bonus. 75-25 FaZe


7% FaZe here

My odds = 75-25 FaZe

My risk = Med

My bet = 7% FaZe

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: FSid3 25:75 FaZe

Fside are a hard to predict side. Sooo many times in the past I thought they were done for and were terrible and then they went and raped NiP or won a game like that. Saying that though, you can’t reallllly bet on that happening. FaZe have their IGL today which should also make a difference as they looked a bit lost on some games yesterday so this should improve their overall level of play. Looking at their head to heads too doesn’t make for pleasant reading, they have rekt FS all of the last few games. The fire power on FaZe is far superior to that on FS and that’s why I have to call it for them, but I would not be surprised if FS took a map.

My odds for this match: FSid3 35:65 FaZe


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