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2016/05/11 16:40 UTC

Winner Fnatic

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Fnatic vs. Cloud9 at ESL

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6 months ago




Wooawww C9 getting 30% vs Fnatic, what has this world come to. Jokes aside, obviously Fnatic have no Olofmeister playing, and I mean you can argue he is the best player in the world, so that is quite a big miss if you ask me. Wenton is replacing him and ahm he isn’t quite Olof. Fnatic have been up and down online ever since Olof has been gone, mostly down however they’ve had good moments too. I feel like there is more troubles to it than having a standin, the whole team does not seem to perform quite a bit which is not good. If you think back to Fnatic however, they are often that team that does not give it their 100% in unimportant matches, and I mean considering this time around they have some pressure considering their poor online form and lack of Olof, I expect them to take it seriously. You would still expect Fnatic to take this, however it is a BO1 ,you never know.

Cloud9 on the otherside have obviously themselves added Slemmy to the ranks, and I mean so far so good I must say. I was quite skeptic when they announced him, and still am, I am very intrigued to see how they do versus European competition here, I do not expect much at all however we’ll see. Of course this event will not be a very fair judgement of him considering he has had about 2 weeks or so with the team. Cloud9 on the most recent LAN, DH Austin seemed to be all over the place, their T sides seem to be non existant and a team like Fnatic should and will punish things like these. Overall I am not counting C9 out, they are capable of beating this Fnatic, especially due to the ‘honeymoon’ period they are right now with Slemmy I believe. Shroud, Ska and Stewie have to go absolutely off, and while they can, it will be more Fnatic wrong doing than C9 doing something right. 70-30 Fnatic


5% Fnatic under 77%, otherwise 2% C9

My odds = 70-30 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Fnatic under 77%, otherwise 2% C9

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Fnatic 70:30 Cloud9

Option 2Bet Cloud9 if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Hard to call game as it largely comes down to which fnatic and C9 turn up. The Swedes have looked pretty bad recently, they had a few games where they seemed decent, and then they were back in their slump again. C9 had the same, some terrible T sides, but then some games where they looked decent. I do still favour fnatic for this game, but with the way both have been playing, and with it being a BO1, betting high on an inconsistent overdog, is really far too risky. Looking at the maps, fnatic will for sure ban Mirage, which is nice for C9, C9 will remove Inferno. The maps after that are some what hard to predict, but I could see it being on D2, which would be good for both sides. I think at these odds, although I do expect fnatic to win, that a LOW bet on C9 makes the most sense.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 Cloud9

Option 1Bet Fnatic if odds 65% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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