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2016/09/13 17:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic

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Fnatic vs. Virtus.Pro

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Fnatic have not really looked that convincing since they formed their new roster. They split a series with HR, split a series with FaZe and I would not be surprised if they split a series again today. VP looked so bad at Starseries, and the main issue for them is, they are now online too, where they are usually worse. Looking at the maps, Cobble and d2, one of them stands out already right away. VP don’t play D2, and have never played it and you would have to heavily favour fnatic here. Cobble is a bit harder to predict and it largely depends on which VP turns up today. I would not be surprised for anything on the first map, but D2 feels like a safer bet. I will go fnatic twice and hope they can prevail, but will raise my bet a bit higher for D2.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 55:45 VP


First match of the day and we find ourselves on Cobblestone between these two. Cobble is a tricky one, especially since of course this Fnatic roster is rather new and trying to judge what maps they are good on is quite hard, or infact judging their overall skill is rather hard. So far Fnatic hasn’t been looking the best, but they for sure haven’t looked as bad as Virtus Pro recently lol. Thing is, VP absolutely sucked on LAN a few days ago and this is an online matchup of course, and online is where they suck, not on LAN so this is worrying signs if you are VP. Thing is, you can never ever count VP out however, and they keep proving it again and again, so don’t get comfortable here. I will favor Fnatic here mainly because I just have no confidence in VP at the moment and I think that Fnatic has more hunger and drive to prove their worth to the world, so they’ll want this more. Is Fnatic better individually compared to VP? eehhh, really hard question, I think time will tell. I am personally not a fan of Wenton and Lekr0 but it is what it is. Overall, super risky 55-45 in favor of Fnatic here, be careful. Not the greatest of matches to bet on however it is what it is.


3% Fnatic under 62%, otherwise 3% VP. If bankroll is hurting/Can’t afford losses, don’t bet this.

My odds = 55-45 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Fnatic under 62%, otherwise 3% VP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Fnatic 55:45 VP

We’re back to calling VP’s coin flips I guess, this time we have cobblestone which is one of their best maps at the moment, or actually could be the best given how bad they played on mirage lately, they’ve been doing great on cobblestone pretty much forever, the last match against ENVYUS on Starladder didn’t go well but that’s like one match out of ten, still a great ratio if you ask me. looked alright besides Starladder, they tied against PENTA and dignitas, 2-0’d Heroic and played a couple of closer matches against Godsent (2-0), FaZe (0-2) and NiP (1-1) not bad overall, still kinda impressive knowing that all those matches were played online.

Fnatic played just 8 maps with this lineup, they tied against FaZe, HellRaisers and Gamers2, and 2-0’d mousesports in a very close series, played cobblestone only once and that was a really bad match for fnatic, it was a 19-17 win against HellRaisers, fnatic had a 12-3 lead on the first half and lost 3-12 on the second, barely won the match in overtime. The current fnatic is not nearly as good as the previous lineup, they are also kinda overrated at the moment, I mean we didn’t really see them play all that much yet, but they looked quite bad so far.

Generally this match is kinda 50-50, I’d slightly favor since they did quite well lately, but it’s still super risky and you should never trust VP online, I’m throwing a small bet on them though.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 45:55 VP


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